Alcor (アルコル Arukoru?) is a familiar crow owned by Ursula.


TV series

A New Beginning


Sucy performing puppet magic on a plush toy Alcor.

When Sucy uses puppet magic to animate the plush toy version, Alcor pokes Akko in the eye.

The real Alcor perceived the girls in the Arcturus Forest and alerted Ursula.

Blue Moon

Akko is introduced to Alcor when she visits Ursula's room to inquire about her "past" with Chariot. Akko does not know that Ursula's familiar is named Alcor, like her plush toy of Chariot's familiar.

Samhain Magic

Alcor was called by Ursula to bring the Shiny Rod back to Akko. Ursula can also project her voice through Alcor.


Alcor enters Ursula's room to alert her that Croix had taken Akko to Wangadea.



Alcor is a loyal familiar to Ursula. She can call him to assist her by whistling. Alcor also informs her about strange events that he perceives.

Akko Kagari

Akko has a plush toy version of Alcor, and it's one of her most beloved possessions. Akko first met Alcor in Blue Moon and it seems the latter has a particular liking towards the former.


Alcor is a star in the handle of the Big Dipper, a double star to Mizar that can be seen with the naked eye.


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