The Ancient Dragon is a dragon species that feeds on magic.



The Ancient Dragon's original form

Initially, the dragon had a smaller form that was much lizard like. In its lizard form, the majority of it is red with a white underbelly, wings that still in development state due to their small size, a big head compared to his body, and eyes that glow in yellow. However, by gradually absorbing magic energy, the dragon become bigger and monstrous. After struck by Hannah and Barbara's first few magic bolts, it eventually grows slightly larger and is able to stand with its hind legs once again.

In its second form, the dragon's skin becomes brown and its underbelly is now crimson. Its horns grow longer and its upper snout is now covered by gray armor plate. The dragon also becomes muscular in stature as well. Also, the dragon's size is now more or less larger than a T-Rex. Its wings, now larger and muscular, allow it to take flight.

The third form of the dragon is a bit larger, with the majority of its body shifting to dark blue and the underbelly becoming bright red. Its lower jaw is now bulkier with a pair of spikes protruding to the back of the head. Dark swirls also formed on the underbelly right near the limbs, and spikes also grew across its spine.

In its final form the dark blue of its skin become black, its face now possesses sharp features with a mouth full of sharp teeth and the upper horn's color matches its underbelly, spikes on the spine have become longer, and neck and tail become longer.

Personality and Characteristics

The Ancient Dragon has an aggressive and hostile behavior. It looks for magic of any kind to feed on. The dragon is also quite intelligent, as the one that was sealed in Luna Nova Academy provoked Hannah and Barbara into attacking it with spells so that it could regain more power.

Powers and Abilities

The Ancient Dragon has the typical powers and abilities of dragons in myths such as flight, a long powerful tail, and fire breath. However it also possesses the dangerous ability to absorb the power from magic attacks, potions and items and using its energy to become stronger. Also, the dragon seems highly resistant, if not immune to any form of poison given. When absorbing Sucy's poisonous gas potion, it was able to drain the magic from the gas without any ill-effects on its body.

The dragon had two weaknesses: One is physical attacks and the other is that it can only drain a limited amount of magic, as absorbing more magic than its body can handle before it's strong enough to contain it can kill it.


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The dragon was locked up in the dungeon for what seemed like to be a long time before Diana accidently broke the seal to the Iron Maiden which released it.


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