Anna (アンナ An'na?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. She is the maid of the Cavendish family, having served the family since Diana's childhood.


She is an elderly woman with blue eyes and brown hair picked up on an impeller. He wears a loose black uniform with white buttons and a black belt.


Anna is a conservative and objective woman. As a maid, she shows her respect for the Cavendish family, despite being against Daryl's actions as head of the family. It seems to be especially close to Diana, staying at her side since her arrival at the mansion. Find outrageous that someone does not show manners or a correct attitude, becoming very strict and authoritative when required.



Diana Cavendish

Anna is extremely loyal to Diana and had has been in service to her possibly after she was born. She berates those who saw her mistress differently rather than the kind girl she was.

Atsuko Kagari

She doesn't see much on Akko due to how the latter always criticizes Diana and is only be in service due to ordered by her mistress. Despite that unlike most others from Luna Nova, Anna at least try to explain the justification of Diana's character to Akko who in turn understand the plight Diana is going through.

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  • The name Anna is a Latin variation of the Hebrew name meaning Hannah "favour or grace, prayer, God has favored me".[2]



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