The Arcturus Forest (アルクトゥルスの森 Arukuto~urusu no mori?) (also known as the Forbidden Forest) is a forest of ancient legend inhabited by many dangerous magical creatures and plants. It is there where the Grand Triskellion was sealed.



Arcturus Forest before the Grand Triskellion was unsealed.

The Arcturus Forest is a huge and leafy forest filled with old, corroded trees and brambles. It is a sacred land which ordinary witches are unable to enter, protected by a magic circle that according to legend prevents even witches from leaving the forest once they've entered it. However, a ley line portal created by the Shiny Rod's arrow allowed AkkoSucy, and Lotte to escape. After Akko recites the final Word and unseals the Grand Triskellion, Arcturus Forest becomes a lush jungle, blooming with multiple flowers, vibrant green trees, along with a rainbow that coats the sky.


Background =

The Arcturus Forest is a very old forest, having existed for centuries. In the 7th century, the Nine Olde Witches created a seal in the middle of the Arcturus Forest in which they sealed the Grand Triskellion and placed a magic circle to protect it and prevent others from approaching easily.

Later, the young witches Chariot du Nord and Croix Meridies went to the forest having learned about the Grand Triskellion. There, Chariot was chosen as the carrier of the Claiomh Solais. While she was searching for the sixth Word of Arcturus, Chariot tried to climb the Wagandea, only to fall and be saved by Croix.

A New Beginning

As they headed to Luna Nova Academy through the Ley Lines, the students Akko, Lotte and Sucy accidentally fall into the Arcturus Forest. Looking for a way out, they end up being attacked by a Mandrake and a Cockatrice. However, the Shiny Rod appears from the ground before Akko, choosing her as his new owner. When Professor Ursula arrives, she instructs Akko to use the first Word of Arcturus, leading her to revive it and invoke the Shiny Arc, opening a portal to Luna Nova.

Luna Nova and the White Dragon

When Fafnir steals the Sorcerer's Stone and takes her to the Rastavan Ruins, Akko and her friends go there to retrieve it.


When Akko discovers that Chariot revived the sixth Word of Arcturus in the Wagandea, he decides to go there to do the same, but Ursula refuses because of the danger of the Wagandea pollen. However, Croix takes Akko there and tricks her into climbing the Wagandea and stopping Ursula when she tries to stop him. Finally, Ursula consoled to save to Akko, losing in the process its ability to fly because of the pollen. Even so, Akko manages to revive the sixth word.

The Road to Arcturus

After Croix manages to accumulate enough emotional energy to activate the Noir Rod, she sets off for Arcturus Forest, leading Chariot to rehash. Akko and her friends, who went to Luna Nova by the ley line, fall into the forest when the ley line disappears.

Croix finally manages to break the seal of the Grand Triskellion, but is disappointed with what she finds. Then, the Noir rod is no longer within control and tries to kill Croix, but is saved by Chariot and Akko. There, Akko manages to revive the final Word of Arcturus and uses the power of the Grand Triskellion to turn the Arcturus Forest into a beautiful and vibrant forest.

Tree of Leaves

When everyone discovers the missile that the Noir Rod had possessed, Akko and his friends come together to try to stop him. Chariot and Croix watch them from the tower of the forest and then they get everyone in the country to know what happens and give them their support. When Akko and Diana succeed in destroying the missile and releasing the Grand Trikellion in the world, Chariot and Croix observe everything under Woodward's gaze.

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