Avery (エイプリー Eiburī?) is a witch student at the Luna Nova Magical Academy.


Avery is a average stature girl. She has dark purple hair and thin eyes of the same color, with long eyelashes. In the movies, her hair is neck-length, and barely covers her forehead except for a slick of hair in the middle that is swept to her right, also having longer locks framing the sides of her face, while in the anime hair is shoulder-length with a longer fringe, where she parts her hair in the left and the right with part of her hair forming a triangle in the middle, and two longer longs frame the sides of her face. She uses two red pins, one on the left and the other on the right. In the movies, her pins are elliptical and she wears them at the height of her fringe, while in the TV series they're triangular and she wears them in the height of her eyes.

Wearing the Luna Nova Academy uniform, her hat and body belt are lilac-colored, just like the ribbon on her broom.


Similar to Hannah and Barbara, Avery is a mocking girl, who also seems to humiliate or reject non-magical and weak witches who don't know the concepts of magic. She also seems to show a dislike for the tourists, of whom she had been surrounded during the holidays of the academy.


Little Witch Academia

Akko and Lotte in flight class Movie1

Avery on the left of Akko and Lotte.

Avery appears during the beginning of the flight class, and moments later in the landing tower where she watches Akko out of control with her broom.

TV series

A New Beginning

She appears talking to Hannah and Barbara in front of a ley line terminal to address Luna Nova. She and the other girls make fun of Akko for confusing the ley line terminal with a bu s stop, and explains that she can fly to the academy through the power of the line.

The Fountain of Polaris

Avery appears formed with the other students in the welcome ceremony of the Earl of Hanbridge and his son, Andrew Hanbridge. When they enter the academy, Avery notices Andrew's presence.

Tree of Leaves

Avery appears next to the other students of Luna Nova giving their Fuel Spirit to Akko and Diana during their battle against the missile.


Hannah and Barbara

Avery and they share dislike and mockery toward witches who aren't from a family of witches, and they seem to have a somewhat close relationship.

Akko Kagari

Avery and Akko are not seen interacting frequently, but Avery may have some contempt for her.

Abilities and Equipment

As part of her equipment as a witch, Avery has a flying broom and knows how to use her respective spell.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Madoka Asahina
English Kira Buckland
Polish Joanna Pach-Żbikowska


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  • She, along with Hannah and Barbara are the namesakes of famous cartoon animators, William Hanna, Joseph Barbara, and Tex Avery.




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