Blytonbury (ブライトンベリー Buraitonberī?) is a city which neighbors Glastonbury.


Blytonbury is a large city inhabited by humans. In the center of the city is a large clock-tower with a striking clock bell. The city is home to magical stores such as the Magic Item Cafe. Since the town does not currently inhabit witches, it does not own a Sorcerer's Stone itself so the use of magic in the city is not possible.

Blytonbury is home to the Sealing Stones, where a titan monster was sealed by the legendary witch Jennifer, before the events of The Enchanted Parade. The annual Wild Hunt also usually occurs in Blytonbury.

Blytonbury is located near Glastonbury, a town which houses the Glastonbury Tor, a ley line terminal taken by witches to travel to Luna Nova Magical Academy.

Known Citizens


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  • The clock-tower in the center of Blytonbury bears a great resemblance to St. Michael's Church from New York City.

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