Chapter 1 is the beginning chapter of the 2017 Little Witch Academia manga series adaptation illustrated by Keisuke Satō.


Having been inspired by the illusory magic of the performing witch, Shiny ChariotAtsuko "Akko" Kagari decides to enroll at Luna Nova Magical Academy, where Shiny Chariot studied. On her way to the school, she gets teased by the other students, who mock her non-magical bloodline. Unable to fly on a broom through a leyline leading to Luna Nova, Akko manages to get a lift from another new student, Lotte Yanson. However, because of some salty pickled plums Akko was carrying, she and Lotte, along with another witch named Sucy Manbavaran, end up falling out of the ley line into the forbidden Arcturus Forest.


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Manga & Anime Differences

  • There's a page showing a child Akko practicing to ride a broom and scraping her knee by failing, just like in the pictures shown in the anime. However, the manga also shows some boys picking on Akko after her failed attempt, while in the anime, the bullies never made an appearance.
  • Sucy uses a potion to transform Akko's mouth into a lock, instead of giving life to her toy.
  • Akko and Lotte meet when Akko accidentally falls on the latter's broom when she was entering the Ley Line Terminal after she picked up Akko's suitcase.


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