Chapter 5 is the fifth chapter of the Little Witch Academia manga series adaptation illustrated by Keisuke Satō.


Looking for money to buy a birthday gift for Sucy, despite the complete rejection of Sucy towards the birthdays due to her immense family, Akko gets a part-time job as a conserve in Luna Nova. Diana then gives her the idea of finding a gift with good feeling, so convincing Jasminka, Constanze and Amanda (the latter extorted by not betray her to steal the Shooting Star) to help her look for a poisonous fungus. Sucy gets Lotte to tell her everything, and both find Akko and the rest swooned by the poison of the mushroom. Although Sucy does not accept the mushroom, she thanks Akko for the feeling. However, they all discover a dragon stealing the Sorcerer's Stone.


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  • Sucy's family life is told differently than the one told in the Teri Terio manga. In the Teri Terio manga, Sucy lived with her biological family whereas in the Keisuke Satō manga, she was adopted along with numerous lost children by Ramzan Manbavaran.

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