Chariot and Croix (シャリオとクロワ Shario to Kurowa?) is episode 22 of the Little Witch Academia anime.


Ursula tells Akko the seventh word although she herself doesn't know its meaning. She's about to reveal everything when a message arrives from Andrew.


Ursula calls Akko over to tell her the final word, whose meaning, however, she has not discovered. Notified by Diana about a message from Andrew, Akko leaves to meet with him, while a feud between nations about a controversial soccer verdict threatens to erupt into an international conflict. Noticing some techno-magic hovering around the protesters, Akko chases after one of the cubes and comes across Croix, and discovers that Croix has been manipulating everyone's emotions in order to convert it into magical energy. Just as Akko is attacked by Croix, she is saved by Ursula, whose identity as Chariot is finally revealed. Croix further reveals that, during her magic show ten years ago, Chariot herself drained her spectators' power of dreaming to effect her magic, thereby also depriving Akko (and Diana) of her natural magical talents, and when Ursula denies none of this, Akko is left devastated.

Order of appearances

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  • Explosion Spell


  • This episode reveals why Ursula was shocked when Akko revealed to her that she attended one of Chariot's shows when she was little in "Blue Moon".
  • In the background of Glastonbury, where Andrew meets Akko, there is a shop branded "Mark and Sponcer", which is most likely a reference to the real life shop chain "Marks and Spencers".
  • In Netflix worldwide release, the episode's title name was changed to "Things We Said Today".


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