Chariot and Croix (シャリオとクロワ Shario to Kurowa?) is the 22nd episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.

On Netflix, the episode is titled "The Things We Said Today".[1]


Ursula tells Akko the seventh word although she herself doesn't know its meaning. She's about to reveal everything when a message arrives from Andrew.


In her room, Ursula having one last look at picture with her and Croix. Finally seeing the full dangers that her old friend was about to unleash, Ursula declared to herself she'll stop it.

The next day, Lotte and Sucy were at their room until Diana arrived in search of Akko since she has a message for her. Meanwhile, Akko was at Ursula's room. Akko apologized once more for hurting Ursula who comforted her student by saying that she held no responsibility for this.

Ursula decided to inform Akko about the last word that will complete the Quest, Phasansheer Shearylla. Its a word that Ursula has yet to understand however Akko has to find what's within the heart. With that done, Ursula sighed, deciding that this was the right time to tell Akko the truth. Unfortunately, Diana and Akko's roommates arrived to inform to Akko that Andrew wanted to meet her. Since Andrew requested her, Akko asked her teacher to let her go with Ursula decided it was fine and their talk will finish when she returned. Akko, Lotte and Sucy left but Diana stayed to ask Ursula about the recent anomalies.

According to Diana, a large abundance of magic have converged on the school ever since the Sorcery Solution System has been installed. However before Ursula could answer, she witnessed Croix leaving. Ursula immediately left but without her broom which Diana realized what has happened.

Akko and Andrew meet at a bench where the former is surprised that Andrew appears to return her hat. Andrew stated that he supposedly able to return it earlier, but unable to contact Akko due to witches using different communication systems that he contacted Diana on his behalf, much to Akko's dismay who stated that it was fortunate that she yet to be able to fly with her broom. Andrew then revealed that he had to accompany his father to the meeting at the parliament, something which he least pleased just as they see angry mobs marching for the strike. It was at that moment Andrew explained that the reason of the meeting is due to debate over result of latest soccer game between England and its rival nation. Both countries had been rivals for a long time before relationships between them improves very recently, but the progress ended up deteriorating due to the said soccer game.

During their conversation, a massive riot has begun to appear. Akko sighed at this since everyone should be happy like how her idol has shown. Andrew pondered if it was right to live in someone else's shadows although Akko make a joke of it. The boy has turned for the better as his continued interactions with Akko has allowed him to be happy and Akko couldn't be more proud for him. After declaring she'll one day become Shiny Chariot, Akko hoped Andrew for the best with Andrew the same as well. Their joy is cut-short by the sight of a floating Noir Fuel Spirit Device which flies towards the crowd, prompting Akko to chase it. To Andrew's dismay, Akko forget her hat again.

The day nearly draw to a close, Akko as she chased the cube, recognizing them as same ones that she has been seeing in multiple occasions. Capturing one of them, Akko showed it to Sucy and Lotte who found their friend. The three of them watched as the cubes hovered above the rioters. Suddenly, the cube Akko caught escaped with Akko not far behind.

Eventually, Akko witnessed Professor Croix and went to the roof to meet with her. It was there Akko learned that her teacher was responsible for all of this. Croix explained that she discovered that negative emotions has allowed access to a greater power. Croix termed it Noir Fuel Spirit and due to its potential, she has been carrying out activities to incite negative emotions and collected them with the purpose of saving the magical world. Akko was against this and persuaded Croix to stop this due to how dangerous it affected lives. To her shock, Croix attacked her with her magitronics.

Akko was able to fend herself against the machines for a short while until she was captured. Akko and Croix shared a brief glare until the door burst in with Ursula riding on it. With one blast, Ursula destroyed the machine and saved her student but at the cost of revealing her identity. Akko now witnessed that Ursula and her idol, Shiny Chariot were one and the same.

Croix confirmed that Ursula was Chariot. Ursula apologized to Akko for keeping this secret for this long. With her student out of harm, Chariot confronted Croix and demanded her to stop this. The tide soon changed as Croix called out Chariot as a hypocrite as a decade ago she used a similar power many years ago. After pushing Chariot to revealed what she used it for and what she did to the moon with Chariot unable to reply but grabbed her arm in shame, Croix finally revealed it all. Dream Fuel Spirit, like the Noir Fuel Spirit absorbed energy but while Noir absorbed negative emotions, Dream absorbed positive emotions.

Chariot yelled about that power but stopped as she saw her student looking at her in confusion. Croix saw this and finally realized why Chariot has been protecting Akko. Croix asked Akko if she was at one of Chariot's shows and getting confirmation, immediately pushed Chariot to reveal her other secret.

Chariot was forced to comply to the demand and explained to Akko what was happening. When she heard that Akko went to one of her shows, Chariot had been worried ever since and with every evidence shown, she couldn't deny it any longer. Akko wasn't able to fly was due to participating one of her shows where she had used the Dream Fuel Spirit that absorbed the magic from everyone, including hers.

Akko got up and pleaded to Chariot that she must be lying. However, Chariot was unable to face her and has been ever since explaining about that power, leaving Akko to wept as all the memories she spent with her teacher flowed to her. Akko couldn't handle it anymore and understood that her teacher and idol destroyed her dream seconds after it was born.

Akko yelled before leaving in tears. With the last of her competition gone, Croix reveled in her victory and abandoned Chariot, who was alone and now has lost everything.

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  • This episode reveals why Ursula was shocked when Akko revealed to her that she attended one of Shiny Chariot's shows when she was little in "Blue Moon".
  • In the background of Glastonbury, where Andrew meets Akko, there is a shop branded "Mark and Sponcers", which is most likely a reference to the real life shop chain "Marks and Spencer".
  • In Netflix worldwide release, the episode's title name was changed to "Things We Said Today".
  • This episode takes place in January, along with "Cavendish", "Intelligence and Sensibility" and "Wagandea", as stated in the chronicles book.[2]


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