The Cinderella Magic Set (シンデレラセット Shinderera setto?) is a Magic Item that was raging in the 19th century. By putting it in a magic circle with a pumpkin and pronouncing the magic words Bubide Bubbi-babbi Bu, a witch can use it to make her clothes morally transform into a beautiful dress designed perfectly for her. The set also turns the pumpkin into a "carriage", which is only a multi-seat bicycle. The magic of the set only lasts two hours.


The Cinderella Magic Set is a white box with golden edges, a heart-shaped padlock and the drawing of a glass slipper on the lid. Because it was unsold for 200 years, the box was also drenched. It carries written instructions that say, "With a wave of your wand and the magic words, you, too, can become Cinderella."


  • Cinderella Magic Set is homage of Cinderella, particularly the set's results and limitations that similar with Fairy Godmother's spell that gave Cinderella both her pumpkin-shaped carriage and fancy dress. The incantation is based on the song from Disney's Cinderella movie, "Bippity Boppity Boo".