A Cockatrice (コカトリス Kokatorisu?) is a monstrous creature that inhabits the Arcturus Forest. Their feathers contain a petrifying poison that is very valuable as an ingredient for potions.


Cockatrices are creatures that resembles a gigantic rooster with a snake tail and two large leathery wings that allow it to fly. Its appearance resembles their mythical counterparts albeit none of mythical cockatrices known possesses a serpentine head on the tip of their tail.


Cockatrice seemed to be aggressive but semi-sapient beast with short temper: Had anyone dare to yelled "Kutchur Katela Flala" (which mean "Hey stupid, come and eat me if you want to shut me up.") in their habitat, it would provoke nearby cockatrices to devour that person. Which is somthing Akko actually did to save Sucy in the comics.

Powers and Abilities

Petrifying Breath

The Cockatrice can exhale grayish gas that turns anything it reaches into stone. The gas seemed to venom-based, and worked in close range given that it not used the breath to shot prey down on the air. Their feathers are laced with that posion which is the reason Sucy wants one.

Fire Breath

The Cockatrice can also exhale large currents of fire, which had greater range than petrifying breath.


  • Cockatrice shares great resemblance with Basilisk; mostly its serpentine/rooster theme, petrifying and poisonous breath.