Flying brooms are magical brooms employed for the use of Flight Magic and part of the basic equipment of a witch.

Appareance and Traits

Regular brooms share the same appearance, a wooden stick, a punctured metal tip that contain battery to store magic energy reserves, and a straw head, tied with a colored ribbon. Some brooms have personalized appearances, such as Constanze's mechanically modified broom, Ursula's Big Dipper tipped broom or the Shooting Star.

Brooms have the ability to take advantage of magical energy to fly and so witches can use them as a means to move from one place to another. However, since its use consumes magic energy consistently, it is impossible to use them for long periods of time outside the range of effect of a Sorcerer's Stone.

A regular broom can carry up to three people at a time, but this drastically reduces the speed of flight.


  • The broom Sucy used in "A New Beginning" is a Walis Tambo, a soft broom commonly used in households in the Philippines.


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