Hannah England (ハンナ・イングランド Hanna Ingurando?)[1] is a character in Little Witch Academia, who is a student of the Luna Nova Magical Academy. She often accompanies Diana Cavendish and act as her loyal friend and assistant, along with Barbara.


Hannah is a girl of average stature. She has wavy auburn hair, and tied into a ponytail with her yellow bow. Her hazel eyes show a firm attitude, and she has somewhat thick eyebrows.

Her Luna Nova Academy standard uniform consists in a dark blue skirt and jacket with buttons in the center of the same color, a white shirt and tie underneath, along with a normal blue belt. They wear long socks of the same color as the jacket, and dark brown shoes.

In her prototype design, Hannah had dark blue hair with pigtails instead of auburn hair with a ponytail.


Hannah is shown to be a very mocking girl. She's quite disrespectful to Akko and her friends, due to her incompetence with magic and her academic level in Luna Nova, in addition to being a friend of Diana, who also does not have a good relationship with her. As a result of their attitude, in "Don't Stop Me Now", she and Barbara help Akko negatively in the broom race by transforming theirs into shoddy carts to participate, since Akko could not fly with hers.

Even when showing these bad qualities, they show too much fear to the monsters or dangerous places to which Diana takes them, who thinks that they should give fear in fact and not the other way around.

Abilities and Equipment

Hannah, like all witches in the academy, has her magic wand. In the first short film, she uses them to to attack the Ancient Dragon with spells similar to lightning.

Voice Actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Eri Nakao
English Jennifer Alyx
France Francine Laffineuse
German Nina Witt (Barbara)[2][3]
Polish Monika Pikuła (Hannah)
Magdalena Krylik (Barbara)
Brazil Hannah Buttel
Latin America Ariela Yuri


"Hannah" comes from the Hebrew name חַנָּה (Channah) meaning "favour" or "grace".



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