Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, also known by its original Japanese title, Little Witch Academia: The Magic of Time and the Seven Wonders (リトル・ウィッチアカデミア:時間の魔法と七不思議 Ritoru Witchi Akademia: Toki no Mahou to Nanafushigi?) was released in Japan on the Playstation 4 on November 30, 2017[1] (Standard edition for ¥7,600)[2] and was projected to be released in early 2018 on PC[3] before officially being announced to coincide with the PlayStation 4 release outside Japan on May 15, 2018.[4][5] A limited edition version with additional material, including an audio drama and an artbook, will be released in Japan.[2]


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is a side-scrolling action adventure game which features multiple characters from the series as playable characters.[6] Luna Nova Magical Academy can be explored and magic-infused attacks are used to navigate through monster-filled dungeons.


During the summer break from the academy taking place after the exams, a strange phenomenon known as “The Seven Wonders of Luna Nova” begins affecting the school. As Akko, Sucy and Lotte investigate the hundred-year-old anomaly they accidently break the seal on the Horologium Room, trapping them in an infinite time loop. They must now escape the loop as they are led to a rumored forbidden magic. [7]


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Prologue: Detention in The First Day of Summer Holiday

The story begins with Headmistress Holbrooke's overly long speech at the auditorium, with Akko relieved that it finally ends at 11.30 AM. Sucy pointed out to Akko that she slept during the said speech, but Akko reassured that she did hear everything she need. Each members of red teams have plans of their own in spending the summer holiday: Lotte visiting her family, Akko having private lessons with Professor Ursula in the latter's spare time, and Sucy taking care of her mushrooms (with Lotte worried with whatever shenanigans that will happen between her friends).

Just then, Finnelan summoned Akko to Student Counseling Office for some reasons. Taking her time on her way to the office, Akko takes a special edition newspaper about Seven Wonders of Luna Nova and met Diana, Hannah, and Barbara along the way, with latter two expecting Akko would likely expelled sooner or unable to enjoy summer holiday. There, the grumpy teacher revealed to Akko that she had to arrange books at the library as punishment for breaking Academy supplies during Badcock's class prior and she wanted it finished by the end of summer holiday.

Later that night, Akko tells her roommates about her situation. It's revealed that the accidental destruction that Akko done was due to her reacting from experimental potion Sucy gave to her to wake her up, leading to the disastrous consequence. Lotte quickly breaks up the argument and offers some help to Akko as well as have Sucy tag along, much to the Manbavaran's dismay. Changing topics, the three friends talk about Seven Wonders of Luna Nova which all over the news in the campus. Akko feels skeptical about existence of the Seven Wonders and even believes those who attempted to check it themselves being too curious on their own, which earn her sarcastic remark from Sucy about the irony in her words.

On the next day, Akko decided to start arranging the books at the library. Along the way, she meets the green team (Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka) who revealed to have plans of their own, Diana who tasked by Finnelan to ensure she not slacking off in the middle of her detention, and Professor Ursula who asked her to fix a goblin janitor's cleaning equipment. To her dismay, it's turned out that there are tons of books that must be organized, so much that she can't stand it and ultimately doze off until late afternoon just after putting 3 of the overall books. Little did she know that a mysterious girl appeared before the desk where she sleep and used the opportunity to left an ominous-looking book for her to find before disappeared into golden sparks.

Ominous Secret Room

Much later, Lotte and Sucy showed up and assist Akko arranging the books. It was at this moment the moment Akko eventually noticed the ominous book that the mysterious girl left behind without her knowing. Confused at first, Akko decided to put it into one of shelves she believes where it supposedly belong, unwittingly unlocks a secret passage to an ominous room that has a magical door that cannot be open and a strange clock with hourglass-like giant green crystal. Curious with what lies behind the strange door, Akko opens it with the key inside the box beside the ominous door. Instead of another room, the door reveals what appeared to be ley line-like abyss, startling Akko that she and her roommates ended up plumetting into the said abyss and transported into a strange ruins full of monsters. To Akko's surprise, she managed to use magic without much difficulty as they fight their way out, only to be dismayed that her magic reverted to normal upon returned to the strange room. Lotte suggested that they should call the professors for help, but the agitated Akko abruptly objected it, having came close to expulsion previously. Nevertheless, the three friends decided that they are done for that afternoon and return to their dorm room for good night rest.

Little did the three friends know that by entering the mysterious room, Akko, Lotte, and Sucy somehow subjected themselves into a time loop, with Akko being the first who notice the phenomenon: When she meets Amanda, Constanze, Jasminka, Ursula, and Diana on her way to the library, they seemingly asked her exact same questions with in yesterday, much to her confusion. The same thing even apply to piles of books in the library, which somehow returned to the desks like the way they were. Sucy suspected that someone had set up a prank on Akko (in which the Japanese young witch quickly deduced Hannah and Barbara as prime suspects), but Lotte argued such possibility as the piles of books looked exactly like in yesterday that it might too much for the perpetrators of the pranks to perform such feat. As they continue arranging the books, Sucy noticed that the secret room they found on the other day still open, but the three friends decided to ignore it for a time being until the day unexpectedly rewinds once again.

The three friends now baffled with their current situation as it become apparent that they now stuck in a time loop, prompting them to conduct the investigation on the mysterious room they found, which enterance still exposed for some reasons. However, the secret room's exposed enterance soon attracted the attention of Amanda, Constanze, Jasminka, and to Akko's dismay, Diana. Upon learning their circumstances from Akko, Diana correctly deduced the secret room being the Horologium Chamber itself. Delighted with the revelation, Akko revealed that she heard that the room also contain an alleged treasure within, which she deduced being a super rare beta Chariot Card. The girls' opinion about the room was mixed, with Lotte wondering whether the time loop would affect the green team and Diana whereas Amanda excited by the presence of dungeons in Horologium Room.

On the next day, the green team revealed that they now affected by the time loop. Once everyone gathered in Horologium Chamber, Diana revealed that she had dug some information about it and even found a minor magic key to Canopus Ruins in process, which led to other section of the very first ruins Akko and her roommates previously visited. As the gang about to start another exploration, Diana noticed the magic sigil in front of the door and recognized it as teleportation circle which enable those who enter one of Horologium Chamber's dungeons to safely back to Horologium Chamber's main hall. The Cavendish added that Akko, Lotte, and Sucy should felt lucky that the sigil still functions during their first exploration in spite of broken, much to Akko's irritation.

Horologium Chamber Investigation

1st Seven Wonders: The Cursed Doll

When Akko, Constanze, and Sucy examining the giant clock, Sucy suggested Akko to ask Carmen for some bittershrooms. As Akko acquires the bittershroom, she overheard some students talking about a cursed doll who appeared at the courtyard in the night and out of curiosity, decided to confirm it. To her and Amanda (who also intrigued by the rumor)'s dismay, the cursed doll not appeared at all, though the latter stated that Sucy being known witness of the doll: It's revealed that the alleged cursed doll's sightings at the courtyard was ceased due to it now in Sucy's possession. Sucy revealed to Akko her intention to use the doll, along with the bittershroom Akko acquired and a strand of Akko's hair for a certain experiment, much to Akko's fury.

To both girls' surprise, the alleged cursed doll contains what appeared to be a second Magic Key, which led to a dungeon in form of a forest called Mimosa Forest. Even Diana also incredulous by the news, before updating the group about Horologium Chamber: There are numerous similar keys scattered all over Luna Nova. With that, the group decided to embark on the new dungeon which resembles Arcturus Forest in many ways except it enveloped by pinkish fog. There, they defeated the Treant, tree-like monster that inhabit the forest. The girls then collected the fallen monster's sap, which then Constanze used to successfully fix the clock without a word. The delighted Akko believed that the time loop finally ends with the clock of Horologium Chamber now fixed and worked once again, only to be dismayed that it doesn't affect the time loop at all and blamed Diana for proposing that theory.

The disgruntled Akko then meets Amanda who revealed that she found a magic key which led to another dungeon called Mountain Ankaa, though the one she found being a lesser key instead of the main one. Suddenly, just as she accepted the new key, Akko suddenly yelped out of spontatenous sensation of bitterness in her mouth, startling Amanda in process. The furious Akko growled that it surely have something to do with Sucy, in which the confused Amanda stated that she just saw the Manbavaran in the courtyard. Sure enough, it prompts Akko to run for her mischievous roommate and yelled what she had done to deserve it. Instead of answering, Sucy poured a bit of her experimental potion (which brewed out of extract of bittershroom) onto the cursed doll that had been linked with Akko's very being via some sort of voodoo magic, knocking the Japanese young witch in that instant.

The 2nd Seven Wonders: The UFO

After things calmed down a bit, Sucy tells Akko about sightings of alleged UFO believed to be one of Seven Wonders, but suggested her to go for the laboratory for more info. Learning more about the UFO from a group of students at the lab, Akko set out for the school's western lookout that night. After waiting for a few moments in western lookout, she spotted a green small light which heads toward the school yard, prompting the Japanese young witch to make haste for taking a closer look on it. Unfortunately, as soon as she get close to the supposed UFO, the green light flew away, much to her dismay.

On the next time loop, Akko consults with Lotte about the UFO when she summons the spirit of Horologium's Great Clock. Through information gained from the said spirit, Lotte explained that they need binding glue to seal the Horologium Chamber as fixing the clock won't be enough to undo the time loop. Akko then decided to consult with Ursula and later, Professor Lukic for that matter, all while keeping their actual reason for the magical adhesive a secret from both. From Lukic, Akko learned that the binding glue is made of 3 mandrake leaves, 3 miniature dragon fangs, and cornstarch (which actually raw corns). Akko managed to acquire some cornstarch at the aviary (in spite of initially caught by Badcock which prompt her to made another attempt in the morning on the next time loop), which leaves the rest at Mimosa Forest and Mountain Ankaa respectively.

Taking her time in acquiring the rest of the ingredients, Akko decided to use Telepathy Magic on the mysterious green light at the school yard as her conversation with Lotte made her suspecting that the alleged UFO might actually some random old object that flying due to possessed by its spirit. As she suspected, when her Telepathy Magic spell reaches the green light, the alleged UFO crashed on the ground and revealed itself to be an old kettle possessed by a spirit. To her surprise, the kettle's spirit revealed another Magic Key inside its kettle: apparently, it tried to remove the key to no avail entire night, where the process inadvertently making news at Luna Nova in form of UFO sightings. With the key now removed from the kettle, it now reduced into ordinary old kettle once again.

After gathered the rest of the ingredients, Akko gives them all to Professor Lukic so she can make the Binding Glue for her. To her dismay, instead of complete Binding Glue, Lukic gives her the incomplete magical glue as there's still one missing ingredient: Few drops of Blood of Cerberus. The eccentric elderly professor deliberately not mentioned such important detail because she can't simply entrusting inexperienced students some powerful magical substance. This prompted Akko to consult with Lotte about the creature and why she need its blood, in which the Finnish young witch explained that Cerberus are demonic 3-headed hounds known as Guardian of Hell due to live at volcanic region of Mountain Ankaa.

Since Akko has the main Magic Key for Mountain Ankaa in her possesion, she gathered the rest of the gang for the next expedition. During this point, Diana begins to suspect that Horologium Chamber was sealed for a reason, but dangers posed by different regions accessible from Horologium's Sealed Door is not plausible enough. Nevertheless, the gang begins their expedition for the Cerberus at Mountain Ankaa.

The three-headed beast proved to be a formidable foe, but the girls finally able to defeat in and acquired some samples of its blood. With that, the gang returns to Horologium Chamber with Sucy helped completed the Binding Glue. While Akko and Lotte believes that the glue will help breaking the time loop, Amanda felt skeptical whether it will work. Akko insisted that it will this time, though she started to feel bad in sealing Horologium Chamber due to her now become attached to it. With the Binding Glue now completed, Akko applied the Binding Glue on Horologium Chamber 's entrance, sealing it. Satisfied at first, Akko realized that she forgot something, in which Diana reminds her about her detention from Finnelan. Fortunately for Akko, Lotte and reluctant Sucy offered some help for arranging the books before they can enjoy their summer holiday.

After Akko and co. left, the mysterious girl who tricked Akko to unseal Horologium Chamber from the shadows, appeared out of nowhere before proceeds to magically dispose the Binding Glue applied on the Chamber's entrance, unlocking it once again...

Magic Key Investigation

The 3rd Seven Wonders: Hands From The Ground

Continuing the investigation, Lotte tells Akko about a legendary timepiece called the "Magichron", magic-powered clock that able to turn back time, but skeptical whether such device exist. Akko reassured that it indeed real and might hidden somewhere in one of regions of Sealed Door, and thus set out to focus the investigation on the Magic Keys, starting by asking others around. Entering the lab, she overheard Abigail talking about another of Seven Wonders, this time hands that popping out from the ground. Asking the info from Abigail, Akko learned than the first witness was Henrietta, who had the hands grab her when she watering plants in the botanical garden, but managed to escape because the hands disappeared after grabbing her for a hour. However, by the time Akko arrived at Botanical Garden, a troll custodian had secured the area, apparently due to the news had been spread and he immediately tasked to prevent future accidents.

Akko then decided to consult with Sucy, where the Manbavaran wondering whether the hands might a new kind of mushroom. Though dismayed that they are not new mushrooms, Sucy suggested Akko to use sleep magic on the Troll custodian with help of some potions sold at the academy store and even gives her another Lesser Key of Pollux she found when looking for mushrooms. With new magic potion at hand, Akko put the troll custodian to sleep and sneak into the garden. To her shock, as soon as she enter the botanical garden, the transparent hands Henrietta mentioned earlier suddenly pops out and grab her legs. The terrified Akko managed to escape their graps, and it appeared the hands seem to prevent her from getting closer to Jennifer Memoriam Tree for some reasons. Since flying is the sole solution for the matter, Akko consulted with Holbrooke about spell similar to Flight Magic, which turned out to be Levitation Spell with same incantation with the former.

On the next time loop, Akko utilized Levitation Spell to get past the hands, and lands near Jennifer Memoriam Tree, the only spot that not infested by arms. There, she found a new magic key, Regulus Key, which upon disturbed, dispersing the hands in an instant. This made Akko suspicious that the said wonder being caused by the said key and decided to tell her friends about it at Horologium Chamber. Upon hearing her story, Diana concluded that it leaves 3 more missing magic keys, as she had confirmed that there are indeed seven regions that accessible through Sealed Door. With that, the group set out for the next region, Regulus Mine.

The 4th Wonder: The Wet Chair

The gang eventually found the taled Magichron deep in Regulus Mines, but the devices cannot work due to lack of enough magic power. Lotte suggested to check on Academy Store to see whether they sell a spellgem. At the store, Akko meets Babcock and consulted with her about spellgem which store greater amount of magic power than regular batteries, which confused the professor who stated that the school cannot provide spellgem she asked due to financial straits. Akko then decided to ask Diana instead, where the Cavendish revealed that she has no spellstones, but just found one of Lesser Magic Keys which led to Gienah Tundra at the cafeteria, prompting Akko to ask her for some exploring with the new key. Afterwards, Diana recalled on rumors at cafeteria, which this time about another wonder: A chair that constantly wet for reasons unknown.

Examining the wet chair herself, Akko compared it with ghost stories about someone who taking a taxi mysteriously disappears leaving nothing but a wet seat when she suddenly feels a brief sensation of water dripping on her head. This led to her suspecting that this unusual phenomenon might caused by the leak from a possible water source above the cafeteria. Akko then inquired Ursula whether she can see what lies above the cafeteria from her office. Ursula explained that the only things situated above the cafeteria being Nine Witches' Hall and Weather Ball fountain, leading her suspecting the latter as the source of the leak. Unfortunately, as soon as she entered Nine Witches' Hall, she unexpectedly stumbled upon Finnelan who inquired her about her detention's progress, forcing her to abruptly left.

Coincidently, as she pondering about the way to either avoid or distract Finnelan on the next time loop, Akko meets Nelson who asked her to report to Finnelan regarding broken bath in faculty residence on her behalf. The news excited Akko that she immediately set out to do it, much to Nelson's confusion who oblivious with Akko's actual motives. Entering Nine Witches' Hall, Akko tells Finnelan about the problem, which dismayed the strict professor as the bath turned out very old and need a serious renovation. Nevertheless, Finnelan reminds Akko about her detention and left, leaving Akko the access for the Weather Ball fountain. Examining the fountain, Akko figured out that something has clogged it, resulting the leak which inadvertently created the alleged 4th Wonder, and thus need to be fixed. Thankfully, she still has some supply of mending magic potion in her disposal and uses it to repair the clog. At first, the spell seemingly had no effect on the Weather Ball's cube for a few seconds before it suddenly explodes into a large amount of water before returns to normal, soaking Akko in process. To the Japanese young witch's relief, the fountain finally working again just as something suddenly lands on her head; another Magic Key which this time, allow the access for Shaula Desert.

The Shaula Key's presence make Akko suspicious whether the Seven Wonders indeed caused by the scattered main 7 Magic Keys, which prompts her to gather the rest of the gang in Horologium Chamber and start the meeting over the recent events. While questioning how Akko get the access for the Weather Ball, Diana suspecting that there's a definite correlative connection between Seven Wonders and Magic Keys. Nevertheless, the witches decided to start another expedition, this time to Shaula Desert. The expedition proved to be fruitful as the girls are in fact, found one of Magichron's missing spellstones. To Akko's dismay however, the Magichron still not working with Diana pointed out it still need one more spellstone, which still missing.

The 5th Wonder: The Running Skeleton

After a good exploration, Amanda tells Akko about another wonder, which this time, in form of a running skeleton model mentioned by a student in the classroom on the second floor. This earned her a tease from Akko who remark that she finally tells her an useful info. Questioning the said student, Elfriede, Akko learned that the alleged running skeleton showed up around ten at night, running around the grounds while laughing. To clarify the sighting, Akko sets out for the School Grounds around the same hours Elfriede witnessed the skeleton that night. To her surprise, the running skeleton, which appears in the School Grounds as Elfriede said, turned out surprisingly fast and agile, as it swiftly evades her in her attempts to capture it to no avail. To compound the issue, when Akko thrown out her sash on the skeleton with her wand as sort of makeshift hook, it ended up dragged her throughout entire lap of the area until she lost her grip and fell, much to her frustration.

On the next time loop, Akko tells Lotte about her ordeal with the running skeleton. Hearing her story, Lotte suspects that the said skeleton might the same one in Lukic's class. This prompts Akko to hastily inquired the elderly professor about it, only for the professor herself surprised that the said skeleton missing. Lukic did however, recalled that she put the skeleton in a medicinal bath she drew on the other day, claiming it wonders for joint pain so awful that "you can bend them all backwards after a good soak". Akko then asked her how to stop a running skeleton, in which Lukic suggested to use control magic. Following Lukic's suggestion, Akko prepared herself with some control magic potion and make another attempt in capturing the running skeleton. Maintaining her distance with the skeleton, Akko casts the control magic spell on it, immobilizing the skeleton on the spot. The Japanese young witch at first, confused why the skeleton seemingly not resisting the spell before decided to take a closer look on it. Predictably the skeleton immediately spring to life near her presence, but due to the spell Akko casted earlier, it ended up blown itself into pieces, with its intact skull comically lands on Akko's face and bites her nose in process. The bemused Akko is about to toss the disembodied skull model before noticing something inside it. Upon inspection, the skull turned out has another magic key inside it, which this time, for the access to Gienah Tundra. Bewildered that this phenomena also caused by another Magic Key, Akko decided to held the meeting with others at Horologium Chamber.

Akko's story about the running skeleton model confused Diana, who wondering how the key ended up inside its skull to begin with. The terrified Jasminka even wondering whether the skeleton ate the Magic Key. Diana then comes up with another theory regarding the magic keys and their connection to 7 locations accessible through Sealed Door reflecting on recent events. With another magic key in their possession, Akko and the gang set out for Gienah Tundra for another expedition.

The expedition at Gienah Tundra proved fruitful with Akko and co. found the second missing Spellgem for Magichron. Completing the device, it suddenly blinds everyone with bright light. The next thing that happened, Akko found herself back to the exact same moment before she unknowingly unlocked Horologium Chamber, with Akko herself wondering whether her prior adventures was a dream all along. At that point, the accidental unsealing of Horologium Chamber by Akko seemingly averted with neither of her, Lotte, and Sucy barely remember their recent adventures, and neither of them disturb the ominous book the mysterious girl left behind. However, there are still some loose ends, as once again, the mysterious girl who masterminded the whole thing unlocked Horologium Chamber once again...




Limited edition

The following extras will be included in the Limited edition version (¥11,110):[2]
Little-Witch-Academia-Ltd-ed-extras-PS4 06-25-17 008
  • A copy of the game
  • A Trigger-illustration special-make box
  • Special contents Blu-ray disc
  • Drama CD
  • Specially-made art book
  • Game original Chariot card

[Warning] The japanese version doesn't have English translation yet !



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