Louis Blackwell (ルイス・ブラックウェル Ruisu Burakkūeru?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. He is the son of the minister of defense, Mr. Blackwell.


He is a tall young man with pale skin, blond hair trimmed sideways and blue eyes. He wears the standard Appleton Academy uniform.


Louis is an arrogant and malicious young man. He feels great pride in being the son of the minister of defense, hoping that everyone will respect him just for that. He is greatly influenced by his father, sharing all his opinions about the need for violent politics as well as his contempt for witches. He has quite the propensity for cheating, using all kinds of tricks in order to overcome others in simple card games or serious duels.


TV Series

Amanda O'Neill and the Holy Grail

Louis appears at Appleton Academy with his father, showing in complete agreement with everything he says about politics. When Amanda collides with, Louis was upset that this does not know who is also leading to a "mouse" that are banned in the academy for his relationship with witches, causing a fight between the two that is avoided by Andrew. Later, Louis was playing cards with some of his classmates, when Amanda intervenes revealing he was using a mirror to cheat. When Amanda reveals her identity without knowing that she was unable to use magic, Louis orders the capture and take her to the basement where they would be punished along Akko. However, Andrew returns to intervene by pointing out that all conflicts in the academy must be resolved with a sword duel. While at first Louis has the advantage in the duel, Amanda is the one who ends up winning. Even so, Louis breaks the Holy Grail by releasing the Noir Fuel Spirit Devices that Croix had concealed in it, which possesses an armor that takes Louis as a captive. However, Amanda manages to rescue him and then he admits his mistakes to his father.

Tree of Leaves

Louis is seen next to the other students of Appleton watching by computer the battle of Akko and Diana against the missile, giving them next to the students his Fuel Spirit.


Andrew Hanbridge

Louis is jealous of Andrew, and considers him a rival. He is angered when Andrew doesn't agree to executing Akko and Amanda when they are discovered to be witches, although he willingly accepts Andrew's request of a one-on-one battle between him and Amanda instead of execution.

Amanda O'Neill

Louis hated Amanda for being a witch and insolent. But after their duel, his frustration makes him break the Holy Grail, releasing the Magitronic Armor. Amanda saves him, making him realize witches are not bad people, and beholden to her.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Yū Miyazaki
English Kyle McCarley


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