The Magic Wands are magical tools used by witches to channel magical energy and perform magic. There are part of the basic equipment of a witch.

Appearance and Traits

Magic Wands can come in different designs and shapes. Luna Nova's Magic Wands are retractable metal rods with a handle, a body that contracts when not used to make it more transportable and a tip shaped like a half circle with the ends closed. Inside the handle is the battery that stores the magic energy to be used in spells. They are mainly transported by wearing them on witches's belts. Cavendish family's wands are long wooden rods with a white snake-shaped handle that wraps around almost the entire wand.

Its main use is to channel the magic energy from the Ley Lines through the Sorcerer's Stone to allow its user to perform magical feats. This is mainly done by using verbal spells, however, it is possible to perform magic without them. While the energy they can handle within their batteries is limited, using a source like the Sorcerer's Stone allows the magic to be used freely.

Magic wands are the main means by which witches perform their magic but there are also other objects such as the Shiny Rod and potions that also allow the use of magic.