A Magical Beast is a creature that Inhabits the forests of Manba Island in the Philippines.


The Magical Beasts lookd like small, cute rabbits with fluffy white fur, big shiny eyes and a jewel embedded in the forehead. Despite their tender appearance, these creatures are full of magic power so touching them is a taboo due to the effects it can cause.


When a Magical Beast is touched by a magic user, it merge with them and transforms into whatever the user imagines. If the beast is touched by more than one user, it merges with both into a single entity, but the transformations will not take place unless both users are thinking about the same thing. The union only disappears when the energy of the human is depleted. Since the beast joins the body of the user, it will be affected by any illness that it possesses in their body, like poisoning.



In Chapter 3, Sucy's sisters, Garie and Sabi, find a Magical Beast while seeking a Familiar for their sister. Without knowing the risks, both touch and merge into a centaur. Angered by her sister's disapproval, they become a two-headed Wyvern and begin to cause disaster. Sucy finally stops them when they merge with them after being poisoned with a snake, resulting in both the Magical Beast and their sisters being poisoned as well.

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