The Mayor (市長 Shichō?) is a character in Little Witch Academia, who was introduced in The Enchanted Parade. He lives in Blytonbury, the neighboring town to Luna Nova Magical Academy.


The Mayor is an elderly man with a balding gray hair and beard and wears a black business suit with two blue buttons on each side.


He is a very serious man that takes pride in his position as Mayor. He doesn't believe in legends which eventually leads him being responsible for releasing the Titan from a park after he was warned about the possibility of a Titan being sealed within the stones.


The Enchanted Parade

The Mayor first appeared at the park where he was talking to the construction men about removing several stones that sealed a giant Titan. After he managed to get the construction workers to remove the stones, the Titan ended up being freed.

During the parade, the Titan appears and attacks the bystanders which included the Mayor. After Akko and the others defeat the Titan, the Mayor tries to pin the blame on them when Ursula reveals that it was Mayor who was responsible for removing the stones which in turn broke the seal holding the Titan.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Hiroshi Otake
English Lucien Dodge



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