A Minotaur is a monster that resembles the mixture between a human and a bull. In short films, they are often found in the Luna Nova Academy dungeons while in anime, in various parts of the school as custodian or janitors.


The minotaurs have a humanoid body about three meters long, with hooves on their feet, a long tail and a large bull's head with bright orange eyes without pupils and two big horns.

Minotaurs in short films are extremely aggressive and violently attack anyone who comes near them. Ones that featured in anime however, appeared to be more civilized and have more anthropomorphic qualities since they wear Luna Nova custodian uniforms, but still temperamental.

Powers and Abilities

The minotaurs have an immense amount of physical strength. They also show incredible stamina, as a minotaur was unaffected when Diana nailed multiple swords into his back.