Mr. Blackwell is a character in Little Witch Academia. He is the minister of defense of the country and the chairman of the Appleton Academy.


He is an adult man with dark yellow hair and a mustache, green eyes that denote dark circles, and a pronounced chin. He wears a grayish-black tuxedo suit over a white shirt and a tie board.


The minister is an aggressive and ill-tempered man. His belligerent attitudes towards other nations as Minister of Defense are reflected in the bellicose rhetoric he uses about sports games against a foreign country, promising to crush their nation in politics as they will in soccer. His violent position reaches the point of allowing a Coup d'feat in order to eliminate the pacifist behaviors that he considers wrong. Mr. Blackwell also loathes witches outright and instilled his antagonism into his son.


TV Series

Amanda O'Neill and the Holy Grail

Mr. Blackwell is seen at the Appleon Academy in the company of his son Louis. While complaining about the actions of the fanatics during a football match, he talks to Louis about his ideals of a strong policy with which he agrees, reminding him to call him chairman while in school. After the commotion between Amanda and Louis, MM assumes that it was all the witches' fault, until Andrew and Louis explain what happened.

Chariot and Croix

Blackwell appears discussing with Paul and Andrew about the growing hostility between them and the neighboring nation. Blackwell says that they must take action against him despite Andrew saying that they should not sacrifice all the effort that led to peace between the two nations.

The Road to Arcturus

When the threat of a coup d'état falls, Blackwell suggests taking advantage of this so that the pacifists of the nation decide to take military action causing the anger in Andrew. In the end, he listens to the whole country the alarm due to the firing of the missile controlled by the Noir Rod.

Tree of Leaves

Blackwell discovers seeing his phone about the missile that had been fired. When all the politicians come together to deal with the situation, Blackwell says that they should not take responsibility for the missile to hit the neighboring country given the conflict that would develop. When everyone finds out about how Akko and her friends try to stop it, Blackwell rejects that they are capable of doing something but are forced to give in to the ideas of Andrew and the Prime Minister. When Akko and Diana manage to destroy the missile, Blackwell is disappointed in applauding them.


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Louis Blackwell

Andrew Hanbridge

Paul Hanbridge

Paul and Blackwell are political colleagues. Despite not sharing the same ideals, both work together for the welfare of the country. He is somewhat of a foil to Mr. Hambridge, whom he considers weak for his willingness to compromise. Their attitudes towards witches contrast similarly. While both dislike them, for Mr. Hambridge this is a matter of pragmatism, he simply considers them an obsolete institution. Despite this, he maintains a close relationship with the community, seeking to put them in his debt. On the other hand Mr. Blackwell loathes them outright and instilled his antagonism into his son, who considers them "deceptive and corruptive". While Mr. Hambridge also passed on a negative view of magic to his son, Andrew is more open-minded about witches.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Tetsuo Komura
Polish Dariusz Odija
Brazil Márcio Dondi[1]


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