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Mr. Holbrook (ホルブルック氏 Horuburukku-shi?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. He is a deceased human pirate and the principal Holbrooke's father. Akko revived him by accident when she tried to repair his headstone she flipped over using magic.


Upon being revived, Mr. Holbrooke is a living skeleton whose only remnant is its mustache and bushy eyebrows. He wears an old red suit, long brown boots, a black belt where he carries his sword and a large pirate hat.

When he was alive he was a handsome man with blond hair and laughter, brown eyes and a green moss suit.


He is someone very emotional and eccentric. He always expresses his feelings with exaggerated outbursts that end up causing problems. He is very impatient and loud, always running and screaming everywhere.



Mr. Holbrooke was a pirate who during the Golden Age of Magic fell in love with a witch of the Holbrook clan although it was well seen that a human and a witch fell in love. Both had a daughter, Miranda, after which his wife died shortly. After this, he promised his wife's clan that he would make Miranda a great witch. During the following years, he took care of his daughter, frequently playing in the bell of the town. One day, Miranda received a letter from Luna Nova Academy to become a student. Before she left, he made a cane with the bell of the bell tower to be her amulet. Unfortunately, Mr. Holbrook died shortly after this.

TV Series

Blytonbury's Undead Travelogue


Miranda Holbrooke

Mr. Holbrooke is very protective of his daughter, Miranda, so much that the first thing he did when he came back to life was hunting down "the person who hurt Miranda". After figuring out that he was the one who actually "hurt" his daughter, Mr. Holbrooke was very upset and felt shame about dying before picking up his daughter from school. Upon meeting her later on in her life, they exchanged some few but loving words from father to daughter. After he returned back to the dead, Miranda was touched knowing that she was able to speak to her father once again.

Voice Actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Yōhei Tadano
English Trevor Devall
Brazil Airam Pinheiro
Latin America Paco Gázquez


  • Mr. Holbrooke is the first character in the anime series that was brought back from the dead as witches are strictly prohibited from resurrecting them.
    • He is also the first pirate that was shown throughout the series.


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