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Mr. Jansson is a character in Little Witch Academia. He is Lotte's father.


Mr. Jansson is a very big man, with a big round head, blue eyes and orange hair, beard and mustaches. He wears a red shirt under a blue overall. He is often seen with a pipe in his mouth.


He is a very cheerful and energetic man. He has a great affection for his daughter, proving it in the most strange ways.



TV Series

Pohjola's Trial

Mr. Jansson is introduced when Lotte returns home for holiday. He's happy to see her child after a while, and then is introduced to Akko and Sucy. Later at night, they have Hapansilakka pies made by their neighbor Jane for dinner, unaware of the danger the pies have. The next morning, the girls discover Mr. and Mrs. Jansson immobile covered in green mold. Akko, Lotte and Sucy set off to find the ingredients and create the cure, so they can save them. He, along with his wife, is later freed from the disease by Akko.

Tree of Leaves

He is seen next to his wife and neighbors in Finland, lending their Fuel Spirit to Akko and Diana during their battle against the Magitronic missile.


Lotte Jansson

Mr. Jansson loves his daugher, Lotte, very much as demonstrated when he greeted Lotte with a great hug and many twirls leaving her dizzy a few moments later.

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