Nelson (ネルソン Neruson?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. She is the broom-flying instructor of Luna Nova Magical Academy.


Nelson is a tall woman with black eyes and a long brown hair collected in a ponytail. She wears the standard uniform of Luna Nova's teachers along with a pair of pilot's googles, an aviator's cap under her hat, a green scarf and a parachute on her back.


Nelson is a firm and strict teacher, always orders her students to maintain their composure. She seems to take the broom-flight very seriously, prompting students not to take it lightly.



Little Witch Academia

TV Series

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As with most of the Luna Nova faculty, she appears to maintain a healthy professional relationship with the other teachers. It is safe to assume she is friends with Professor Finnelan, as they both have an aura of strictness, as well as a friendly demeanour towards each other as shown in "New Age Magic".

In "Orange Submariner", after Professor Ursula quickly substitutes the absent Professor Pisces with a fishing jig, Nelson enters the classroom to deliver papers. She is then convinced, by way of Ursula's impersonation, that Pisces has come down with an illness. Nelson thus offers to conduct the ensuing exam herself, with the intention of allowing Professor Pisces to recover, citing that in times of need, the faculty look out for each other.

Abilities and Equipment

As the broom-flying instructor at the Luna Nova Magical Academy, Nelson is very capable in Flight Magic. She is always equipped with all kinds of flying items and can activate her flying broom without using the spell.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Minami Takayama
English Eileen Galido (Original films)
Katelyn Gault (Anime series)
Polish Anna Apostolakis-Gluzińska
Brazil Maria Helena Pader
Latin America María Teresa Pinochet


  • She was nameless in the first movie, but the anime revealed her name.


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