New Age Magic is episode 14 of the Little Witch Academia anime.


The school's fairies go on strike and cut off Luna Nova's source of magic. A new teacher arrives and proposes a non-traditional mechanical solution.



The episode begins with Ursula in her room staring at the Seven Words of Arcturus before reminisce on the words that Akko has unlocked. Feeling that Akko was ready, Ursula decides to reveal Akko the truth.

The next day, Akko joined with her friends outside, While they lounge about, Lotte informs everyone about the new teacher which Akko easily dismiss. After that, Akko's friends praised her for her spectacular stunt in the festival and want to see it once more. Akko declines as she now realized that the Shiny Rod won't respond to selfish desires. Amanda inquires where did Akko get the rod and Lotte responded that she got it from the Arcturus Forest much to the former's surprise as it was rumored to be a very dangerous forest with a hidden secret. Nonetheless, Akko is determined to find Shiny Chariot as she is the link to the forest and rod and might shed some light on what is happening. Meanwhile, Diana eavesdropped on the conversation.

Akko heads to Ursula's room when she was informed to come to her. Akko eagerly awaits what her teacher has to say but was cut short when Badcock contacts Ursula regarding a serious situation. The teachers and students were at loss to see the faeries were on strike. While Finnelan disapproves of this, the workers remained deaf and revealed their demands, they want more of the magic from the Sorcerer's Stone. However, the Witches are at their limit when it comes to the usage of their magic leading to Holbrooke to request help from other Witches nearby. Since most of them are unwilling, they decided to place the responsibility onto Ursula much to her dismay.

Back at Luna Nova, the faeries decide to place isolators around the stone to show how serious they were. Suddenly one of the isolators was blown out of the faeries' hands and was about to crash on top of several students, including Akko before several flying roombas stop them. The roombas belong to the new teacher, Croix. Despite what has happened, Finnelan remains loyal to her conviction in tradition and forbids Croix to the use of the technology.

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The situation gets worse as the students are getting cold due to lack of heating and showers and are forced to use books which are substantially large. Akko has had it and marched towards the strike to put an end to it only to be touched by why they are doing this that she changes sides. Instead, she support the faeries' movement. While Diana attempts to convince them to continue their work, Akko points out that the former looks down on them and is an aristocrat leading to the faeries to be more furious. A hurt Diana attempts to change her thoughts about Akko until the latter went up to her face and reprimands her for her lack of regard towards those of lower class.

Night time, Akko remains by the faeries' side and while Lotte wonders if she's alright with this. Akko answers that she couldn't just stand by and watched as other suffer for someone elses' actions, a lesson she learned to heart. While Sucy think she thinks too much but Lotte smiles, proud that Akko took the time to think about that. As they converse, the faeries showed their appreciation by handing a soup.

A meeting takes place and while Holbrooke and Akko starting off with a nice beginning, but the meeting wasn't going anywhere as the faeries demanding another ten percentage increase of allotment but the Witches weren't budging with the demand. This leads to Croix to offer a solution with her Magitek which Finnelan continues to refuse. Akko is saddened that the meeting didn't go as expected but Croix comforts her although hiding her true intentions.


To get a nice shower, Hannah and Barbara bribed a young fire Spirit. As they showered, an unknown assailant injured the Spirit causing the now cold students to exit and find the said Spirit. To make matters worse, several members of the Strike entered the room and found their hurt friend and the two students. This was the last straw and the faeries rampaged across the school leaving the students and teachers unable to do a thing to handle the situation.


Realizing how bad the situation was, Akko, Lotte and Sucy head to the tower to remove the isolators and allow magic to be used for both sides. Then, one of the faeries (a mechanical looking one and probably the one that attacked the fire spirit) makes it presence known. Akko begs it and the others to stop as their demands were met. Lotte tries to translate but unable to as the workers felt like a machine. Suddenly, the worker transformed into an abomination and pushed Akko out of the building. Fortunately, Akko was saved by Croix who put an end to it all by absorbing the anger out of the workers and convert it to energy to revive the fire spirit. The students and the teachers excluding Finnelan praised Croix for her ingenuity and Croix became a hero in Akko's eyes.

While the faeries removed the isolators, the witches wondered where did they get the things in the first place. Back to Croix, it was revealed that she was the one who had a part in the strike as the mechanical faerie belonged to her and tells it succeeded.

As Croix's technology is getting implemented in Luna Nova, Ursula arrives but only to hear the energy wasn't needed anymore. With that done, Ursula could finally have the time to explain to Akko. But to her horror, she found Akko with Croix, who Ursula is aware of.


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