Flashforward from "A New Beginning", one vision shows only seven of them. The front witch, Woodward, wields the Shiny Rod. Beatrix is at the far left.

The Nine Olde Witches were a group of nine, highly powerful witches who established Luna Nova Magical Academy 1600 years ago. In the 7th century, they decided to seal the Grand Triskellion within Arcturus Forest.

Only two of them whom name revealed; Woodward and Beatrix Cavendish.


The Nine Olde Witches appeared at a time when the witch civilization was in decline, but with their strength they managed to stop the decline and restored the power of the magic world, giving rise to the beginning of the Golden Age of Magic. 1600 years ago, they created Luna Nova Academy to rehabilitate witches who had lost their place in the world. In the 7th century, they sealed the Grand Triskellion in the Arcturus Forest to protect it from falling into the wrong hands.


  • The Headmistress's office displays 9 statues in the shape of the Olde Witches' hats. They take up a prominent space in the room.
    • Some of the hats are based on hats and headgear from witches seen in other media such as the Scarlet Witch (third from the left in the hats image) or Witch Bandora/Rita Repulsa (fourth from the right).[citation needed]
  • Diana finds the Book of the Nine Olde Witches in the Luna Nova Archives under the light of a blue moon. The book tells about how the witches sealed an ancient and powerful form of magic known as the Grand Triskellion, and how one can break the seal again.
  • The spirit of the Olde Witch Woodward resides in the Blue Moon Abyss, which can only be entered on a Blue Moon. Her hat is the one in the middle, fifth from either side.
    • In the series, Woodward is often seen without her hat, perhaps because it is in the Headmistress's office?
  • The Olde Witch Beatrix was the founder of the Cavendish family, and her spirit resides in the Cavendish Manor. Her hat is third from the right.


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