The Noir Rod (ノワールロッド Nowāruroddo?) is a Magitronic replica of the Shiny Rod created by Croix based on data collected from the Shiny Rod.


The Noir Rod is a huge mechanical version of the Shiny Rod, covered up of hundreds of Noir Fuel Spirit Devices that feed it with magical power. It is about six meters high, its appearance is almost identical to the Shiny Rod, except that it is black instead of white and its seven crystals are red instead of blue.

The Noir Rod feeds on all the magical energy obtained from the Noir Fuel Spirit invented by Croix that converts from the negative emotional energy of the people. Like the Shiny Rod and the Noir Fuel Spirit Devices, the Noir Rod can transform into different things including an aircraft, a spider-type excavator, a huge dragon and a missile.

Croix created the Noir Rod in order to use it in conjunction with the immense energy obtained by the Noir Fuel Spirit to break by force the seal of the Grand Triskellion. However, because of the immeasurable amount of emotional energy absorbed, the Noir Rod ends up developing its own consciousness and turning against Croix. Akko manages to destroy it with the Shiny Arc, but the remains of the Noir Rod manage to take control of a military missile in order to continue causing chaos and destruction. After a wild chase and battle, Akko and Diana manage to gather the power of the hearts of the whole world to destroy it with the power of the Shiny Arc and the Grand Triskellion.


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