Orange Submariner (オレンジサブマリナー Orenji Sabumarinā?) is the 7th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.


Akko gets serious about studying but can't master the basics, even with Professor Ursula's help. She flubs test after test, risking her enrollment.


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Akko studies hard for her exams, but still struggles to get decent grades despite Ursula's tutorage. After getting into a fight with Hannah and Barbara, Akko is threatened with expulsion from Luna Nova should she fail her final exam, which requires an understanding of fish language. While attempting to bribe the fish philosophy teacher, Pisces, Akko accidentally drops her down a drain into the school's sewage system. Transforming into a merman to search for her, Akko comes across a sad fish and chooses to use her emergency magic reserve to free her family from a poacher's trap, coming across Pisces in the process. When Akko is once again faced with expulsion for her actions, Pisces gives her an A in her exam for helping the fish family while Ursula vouches that, despite the gap between her and her classmates, Akko's magic has improved considerably since her enrollment. After the fish Akko rescued are revealed to be an endangered species, her expulsion is cancelled and she is given a less severe punishment instead.

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  • Chariot's leitmotif plays during Ursula's spirited defense of Akko.
  • The episode title might be a reference to The Beatle's 1969 song "Yellow Submarine".
  • During the ending outro, Akko, Lotte and Sucy in their fish form appear as one of the visual cards of the closing credits.
  • This episode and the exams take place in July, as stated in the chronicles book.[2]


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