Pisces (パイシーズ Paishīzu?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. She's a gold fish and the philosophy teacher of Luna Nova Academy.



Pisces is a small golden fish with an orange-yellow and green body, four turquoise fins with orange and a large tail. She wears the witch hat worn by all Luna Nova Academy teachers.


Pisces proves to be kind and considerate, giving an A+ to Akko despite the near-death experience Akko unintentionally gave her, as well as objective, recognizing how Akko put into practice the philosophies of magic in saving the fish. She also finds it boring to be in a bowl all day.



TV Series

Orange Submariner

Professor Pisces was introduced in episode 7 of the TV series. Due to exams, Akko decides to convince Pisces to give her a good grade on the exam by bribing Pisces with mineral water and poured it into the professor's bowl. This proves to be ineffective as Pisces went unconscious due to the bottled water. In panic, Akko accidentally drops Pisces down the drain. Pisces ended up in a lake and spent some time swimming freely in the open water until she was caught in an illegal fish cage along with a family of an endangered fish species. Later on, Akko, Lotte, and Sucy, along with an unnamed fish comes across the fishing cage. The unnamed fish immediately recognizes the trapped fish as its family. Unaware that Pisces was in the cage as well, Lotte tells Akko that they should keep searching for the professor and come back to the cage later. However, as Akko hears the unnamed fish's weeping, she uses the last bit of magic in her wand and successfully opens the fish trap and frees the fish family. As Akko notices Pisces emerging from the cage along with the other fish, Sucy notices that there is still a fish trapped in the ascending cage. Akko swims to the surface and frees the last fish while sternly berating the poacher. As the three students race back to the academy with Pisces, they were too late and the three were sent to the headmistress's office. While Professor Finnelan demands Akko to be expelled, Professor Ursula states that Akko has much improved compared to previously as well as noting Akko's selflessness during the rescue. Pisces also states that Akko passed her exam; despite Akko's attempt to cheat through the exam, she was able to put magic philosophy into practice by saving the fish from being captured. Because of Ursula, Pisces, and as well as getting a call from an environmental agency who wanted to praise the student who saved the endangered fish species, Akko was given a less severe punishment rather than expulsion.


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  • Professor Pisces is the only teacher that isn't human since she's just a fish.


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