Potions are magical liquids prepared by witches that provoke various magical effects. A few witches, including Professor Lukić, Sucy and her mother, specialize in potions.


Potions are brewed with certain ingredients and a specific process of preparation. Misuse of ingredients or an error in preparation may cause undesirable effects. Some potions are meant to be consumed to be effective, while others can be used to attack the target.

Potions are prepared mainly in fire cauldrons and stored in small bottles. Some potions are required to be used in combination with a spell, but most can do their magical effects without them.

Know Potion Ingredients

  • Cockatrice Poison
  • Mandrake Root and Leaves
  • Poisonous Mushrooms
  • Lively Frog
  • Newt Entrails
  • Bat Nails
  • Grave Mushroom

List of Potions

Puppet Magic Potion


Puppet Magic Potion

Puppet Magic Potion is a potion utilized to give life to inanimate objects and control it like Puppet Magic. However, it seemed to only work temporarily, as, after a certain amount of time, its effect will wear off. Sucy once used this potion to animate Akko's Alcor plush toy which then pokes Akko's eye in "A New Beginning".

Festering Potion


Festering Potion

Festering Potion is a potion that can reduce living beings that either touch or drink it reduced into caustic goo. How caustic this potion can seem to depent of quantities of ingredients used.

Sucy used one to kill a Minotaur in the first film where she remarked its effect too strong, as the beast's molten body ends up burning through the dungeon's floor.

Poison Gas Potion

Potion throw

Poison Gas Potion

Poison Gas Potion is a potion that upon contact with the air, instantly evaporates into deadly, purplish poison gas. The gas' tremendous killing ability is because some, if not all of the potion's ingredients being magical in nature.

In the first film, Sucy used the potion to kill the dragon, but due to the dragon's ability to absorb magic and the potion's own magical nature, fails and merely further evolve the dragon into stronger form.

Nutrient Potion

Nutrient Potion
is a potion that activates and accelerates the grow of vegetation.

In "Don't Stop Me Now", Sucy uses it on the brooms of the other participants of the Luna Nova Cup to adhere their brooms to the ground with plants and prevent them from flying. She probably uses a variety in "Samhain Magic" to grow giant mushrooms.

Frog Leg Potion

Frog Leg Juice LWA

Akko using the potion.

Frog Leg Potion is a potion that upon contact with the target, make grow a pair of frog-like legs capable of jumping relative long distances. The color of this potion is pinkish red.

In "Don't Stop Me Now", Akko uses it on her broom due to her incapability of flying on it, which makes it so she is able to hop, instead of fly, through the course.

Memory Alteration Potion

Memory Alteration Potion

Memory Altering Potion

Memory Alteration Potion is a potion that can alter the memories of the drinker, it takes effect in two hours after consumption. The potion can be mixed with foods or beverages without affecting its effects.

In "Blytonbury's Undead Travelogue" Sucy uses it to make the men of the tavern forget having seen the revived Mr. Holbrooke.

Explosive Powder Potion

Incendiary Potion LWA

Incendiary Potion

Explosive Powder is a potion that upon contact with the air, instantly evaporates into flammable purple gas that can be ignited with magic. The gas' explosive power is strong enough to destroy multiple enemies who caught into it.

In "Luna Nova and the White Dragon", Sucy used one to combat Fafnir's Robot Dragons.

Pyro Booster Potion

LWA Pyro Booster Potion

Pyro Booster Potion in action

Pyro Booster Potion is potion that can give a flying broom a boost of power, enabling supersonic flight. To use this potion, the witch needs to apply it to her broom before igniting it with fire.

In "Tree of Leaves", Sucy utilized this potion on both hers and Lotte's broom to help Atsuko Kagari and Diana Cavendish catch up with Noir Missile.

Stereoscopic Image Potion

Story Potion LWA
Stereoscopic Image Potion is a potion which if spilled, will evaporate into smoke which reveals images of a certain story/plot. It's unknown what kind of ingredients are used to make this potion.

In Blytonbury's Undead Travelogue, the Café Proprietor used a vial of this potion to tell Akko, Lotte, and Sucy about Golden Age of Magic.

Ultimate Potion

The ultimate potion was made by Sucy in "Adventure's In Sucy Land". It's supposedly gives the user fair greater magic ability ahen usual, but only knocks Sucy out for a bit. Sucy's intention for this potion was too simply have greater magic power so she can find more mushrooms.