Sleeping Sucy (眠れる夢のスーシィ Nemureru Yume no Sūshi?) is the 8th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.

On Netflix, the episode is titled "Akko's Adventure in Sucyworld".[2]


After drinking an experimental brew, Sucy falls into a deep sleep and won't wake up. To save her, Lotte sends Akko into Sucy's mushroom-filled dream.


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After drinking her own ominous energy drink formula, Sucy winds up in a deep sleep with mushrooms growing around her body. Unable to ask for a teacher's help out of fear of expulsion, Akko has Lotte send her into Sucy's dreams so she can find out how to cure her. Enlisting the help of small angel and devil versions of Sucy, Akko encounters several different versions of Sucy in her search for the original, only to get caught up in an execution of Sucy's unneeded emotions. After stopping the execution, Akko rescues a smaller kind-looking Sucy and soon comes across a drive-in cinema showcasing Sucy's memories. Just then, the smaller Sucy Akko rescued transforms into a bloodthirsty monster that threatens to overtake Sucy's original personality. After rushing to find the original and attempting to wake her up with a kiss, Akko wakes up from what was apparently her own dream.

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  • The episode has some allusions from popular culture such as:
    • Sleeping Beauty: The title of the episode, as well as the climax were allusions to Sleeping Beauty. When Akko tries to wake up the original Sucy, she tries to give her the medicine via mouth-to-mouth, even commenting that she is stealing her first kiss. Interestingly, during this point, the gigantic Sucy monster whom chase Akko morphed into a kaiju that greatly resembles Maleficent's dragon form from the Disney movie.
    • Dexter's Lab: The beginning sequence where she creates the potion is an homage to the introduction of Dexter's Laboratory.
    • Gravity Falls: The scene in which Lotte reads the way to cure Sucy's illness is similar to a scene in Gravity Falls in which Dipper Pines reads how to enter someone's mind out of Journal 3.
    • Inception: Akko goes inside Sucy's dream to wake her up.
    • Wizard of Oz: Sucy's dream is set in a location quite similar to the golden road of the Wizard of Oz.
    • Your Name: One of several Sucies encountered writes あほ (idiot) in her face, referencing a famous scene from the movie.
    • Star Wars: One of several Sucies encountered dressed like Obi-Wan Kenobi and even had a lightsaber, a Jedi's weapon of choice.
    • Transformers: One of several Sucies encountered transforms her face, causing it to reaemble the Transformers from the Michael Bay movies.
    • Shin Godzilla: One of the Sucies encountered by Akko in her dream behave and looked like Godzilla's incarnation of Shin Godzilla, with some of her hair protruding on her back like Godzilla's dorsal fins and one of her legs rose like Godzilla's tail. Even this Sucy breathes atomic breath with whilst also releasing atomic lasers from her dorsal fins and the tip of her "tail" leg (due to possibly avoiding copyright issue, this Sucy's atomic breath looked like a stream of fire while her lasers are white).
    • Silent Hill: Two Sucy Executioners dressed like Pyramid Heads, iconic monsters from Silent Hill franchise.
    • Classic Walt Disney animations: The movie scene is a reference to the old-school Disney animations.
    • AKIRA: The movie scene where Lotte gets squashed by masses of growing mushroom is eerily reminiscent with Kaori's death when she was squashed by uncontrollably growing biomass of Tetsuo's in climatic scene of AKIRA.
  • When Akko found the sleeping original Sucy in her room the climax, she was seen carrying a sword along with a shield that she previously found carried by small humanoid mushrooms upon entering Sucy's dream. Oddly enough, Akko was never seen grabbing those, only being seen with them after after she was inside the room.
  • The car's plates read LWA 008 = Little Witch Academia episode 8.
  • When one looked closely on Sucy's personality which desires plastic surgery transformed, one can see that her normal left eye is missing, though her post-transformed face does had two eyesockets.
  • The room number 666 is an allusion of the Mark of the Beast, also known as the symbol of Satan.
  • The statement by the Policewomen Sucy to the Nice Sucy ("You do not have the right to remain silent. You also do not have the right to consult an attorney.") when she arrests her is an inversion of the rights law enforcement in the United States must inform suspects in their custody of before they are interrogated, the most famous of which is the right to remain silent. Together these rights and the warning that anything the suspects says can be used against them in a court of law compose the Miranda warnings.
  • The Netflix title "Akko's Adventure in Sucyworld" is likely a reference to the famous book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • This episode takes place in the beginning of September after the summer vacation ends, as stated in the chronicles book.[3]


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