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Sucy SD art
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Little Witch Academia
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The Enchanted Parade
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TV Series
Could you be any more of a pain in the neck?

—Sucy's first words to Akko.

It's not easy to kill a witch.

A New Beginning

You called in and insulted a stupid bird. And now it wants to eat you. Good luck.

—A New Beginning

Oh, it's Sucy. Sucy Manbavaran.

—A New Beginning

My original plan was to leave after I retreated the Cockatrice poison. However, I've heard that this school has samples of extinct poisonous mushrooms, so I decided to stay longer.


I kind of had a hunch before, but she's really an idiot.

Don't Stop Me Now

You know I don't actually care about the race right?

—Don't Stop Me Now

In order to win, you actually have to be able to ride a broom.

—Don't Stop Me Now

Well, back to the drawing board.

—Don't Stop Me Now

Don't pay any attention to them. They're gonna eat our dust.

—Don't Stop Me Now

I made them spill magical nutrients on their brooms. If the others can't fly, winning should be easy.

—Don't Stop Me Now

*maliciously laughs* Be sure to eat your food.

—Don't Stop Me Now

Well, I've heard that dragons used to capture witches and do horrible things to them to drain their magic power... like drink their blood and eat their flesh...

Luna Nova and the White Dragon

And finally things at this school get interesting...

Orange Submariner

It's finally finished! My super-energy potion made from an obscene amount of ingredients extracted from ultra-rare magical mushrooms! If I drink this, it will increase my magic power to the max...

Sleeping Sucy

Hang on... maybe I should test it first on my guinea pig, but if this works... Akko will end up becoming a successful and talented witch... which would make everything boring.

—Sleeping Sucy

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