The Road to Arcturus (アルクトゥルスへの道 Arukutourusu e no michi?) is the 24th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.

On Netflix, the episode is titled "A Road to Arcturus".[1]


Ursula confronts Croix, but fails to prevent her carrying out her plan. Akko, Diana and their friends are swept into the Arcturus Forest.


Chariot is at shock to see the completed Noir Rod. Croix marvels at her creation and is eager on using it to claim her ultimate prize, the Grand Triskellion. The two exchanged on what the other has become with Chariot however spoke her opinions on Croix who she believed has lost her way. Seeing that they will never came to agreement, the two professors proceeded to have their final battle.

While Chariot may have lost her ability of flight due to the Wagandea pollen, Chariot has proven to be able to handle Croix for a while allowing the timely arrival of Headmistress Holbrooke and Professor Finnelan who have discovered Croix's activities. Before any could take action, the Noir Rod finally activated.

Across Blytonbury, the Magitronics have begun absorbing the negative emotions from the rioters. Akko along with everyone else exited from the shop to witness the event. Understanding that the situation was dire, Diana advised to return to Luna Nova with Akko in agreement.

The Noir Rod was collecting all of the negative energy. To ensure it won't be disturbed, the machine had disabled all forms of magic that had long since been connected through the Sorcery Solution System. Thus, the other Witches are unable to use magic and the Sorceror Stone collapsed. The Leylines were disabled causing Akko and her group who were venturing within it to fall into a dark void.

Croix, the Noir Rod and Chariot who managed to latched onto the machine teleport to the seal of the Grand Triskellion located at the Arcturus Forest. Meanwhile, Akko's group has recovered from their fall and soon realized that they were in the forest. They would later attempt to fly off but to no avail. Diana inspected her rod and found their magic has been completely depleted. Akko called everyone to look at the sky as there is a trail of smoke. Suspecting that might be the root off it all, Akko rallied her group to follow it.

Arriving at their destination, the Noir Rod captured Chariot before landing on top of the seal where it began drilling into it until it was broken. Croix landed and ventured into the broken seal. Inside, she discovered the Grand Triskellion which was actually a small stick. Croix was confused but decided to use it to alter the world. However, the result was not what Croix expected it to be. The Grand Triskellion was only blowing bubbles.

At Blytonbury, Andrew reported that the riot was getting worse. His father and Mr. Blackwell thought otherwise and agreed that they could use the riots as an advantage to enforce more strict laws to Andrew's dismay.

Croix desperately used the Grand Triskellion but the result was parlor tricks. The multiple attempts caused Croix to be devastated as she dropped to the ground, ranting that this can't be the world altering magic she has been seeking. Chariot spoke Croix's name in sadness until Professor Woodward arrived. Noticing her, Croix demanded where the Grand Triskellion was. Woodward answered that Croix has it in her hands. Croix refused to believe it but Woodward remained her stance and tells Croix that the stick is the Grand Triskellion that Chariot and Croix has spent more than a decade searching for.

However, Croix enters into despair. She has just sacrificed her entire career and humiliated herself, losing the respect and earning possibly the wrath of the entire magic community to get a world altering magic that can't even work for her. It was at this point Croix suffered a breakdown and began to yell at Woodward by ranting on that throughout the quest, she was being pushed aside by the latter despite she had the dedication and passion for magic than Chariot. Chariot, still trapped witnessed the event in distress. She had long believed that Croix has fallen and wanted to claim the Grand Triskellion for herself but now she discovered that her old friend only wanted Woodward's guidance.

The ancient Witch showed no sympathy to Croix's plight, even being quiet throughout this whole situation which is something Croix doesn't want. Woodward also doesn't seem bothered or worried at the slightest that Chariot, her former student is hurt and was intent on leaving her like this. Chariot sorrowfully reached an epiphany.

After that, Croix yelled at Woodward to remove herself from her sight forever and threw the Grand Triskellion at her. A disappointed Woodward complied, abandoning the two and disappeared, taking the Grand Triskellion away while Chariot looked on sadly as her image of her mentor broken.

Suddenly, the Noir Rod begun to move on its own. Chariot called to Croix about this but Croix was unable to shut it down. The Noir Rod absorbed more negative emotions which has become a storm of red energy. Angered at its disobedience, Croix used her magitronics to destroy it.

Not far, Akko's group witnessed the explosion and wondered what has happened. Despite the attack, the Noir Rod recovered. As it did, it has assimilated all of the magitronics allowing to evolve into a more powerful dragon like form. The Noir Rod smacked Croix to a pillar. Having her within its grasp, the monster was about to kill Croix who could only begged in fear for it to stop.

Chariot arrived and stopped it, having escaped from her bonds. Chariot took Croix and attempted to flee with her but the Noir Rod started chasing them. As Chariot continued to protect Croix from harm, Croix stared at this in disbelief and realized the error of her ways. All the rage and jealousy for her has now been replaced with sheer remorse for ruining her only friend. Croix cried to Chariot to run away and allow the Noir Rod to deliver her just fate.

Chariot refused to do that and revealed to Croix why she is doing this. She was ashamed and furious at her own failures that costed the losses from her loved ones, Croix's dream and Akko's power. Chariot doesn't care what happens to magic and towards her own life. She would rather take all of this punishment than allow the madness to take anymore from those she loves. The Noir Rod caught Chariot and was about to execute her until a Murowa spell hit the arm allowing Chariot to be free. Her saviors were Akko and Diana.

The Noir Rod starting to be erratic and Croix looked into it and saw there maybe a way to shut it down. The Noir Rod sensed this and lunged at her. Chariot pushed Croix away in time but resulted in getting caught by the Noir Rod's maws and devoured. Akko shouted Chariot's name before the latter's voice called to her to use the first Word that saved her when she first entered the world of magic. Reciting Noctu Orfei Aude Fraetor, Akko summoned the Shiny Arc once more and proceeded to battle the Noir Rod. Akko fired her arrow which shot at the Noir Rod's head and impaled it. The powerful energy overwhelmed the beast until it was destroyed, With its destruction, magic began to return to Luna Nova and the Leylines. Everyone else cheered at Akko only later be in wonder as the girl walked forward to the weakened Chariot.

Akko sat before Chariot who could only muster the strength to speak her apprentice's name. But to her surprise, Akko smiled warmly along with a kind voice, happy to see her idol in person. Akko offered the Shiny Rod to her. Chariot denied wanting it as it wasn't hers anymore. Akko made up her mind ever since she found it and proceeded to hand it to Chariot. Chariot listened as Akko recounted the tale of her first meeting with her idol and the beautiful show that she created that made Akko felt like she was in a dream. Due to that show, her dream on becoming a witch was born and Akko hoped with it, she could see Chariot again and she succeeded. Akko continued and explained to Chariot and everyone that more than the dream, the friends she met and the bonds she built with them has allowed this to happen and the greatest bond she had built that allowed her to see her idol again was Chariot herself. Chariot couldn't help but be touched while at the same time, the seven stars of the Shiny Rod ignite as everything that has happen was within Akko's heart.

Even though she got to meet Chariot, it didn't felt right with her as to her, Chariot was her Professor Ursula. Hence, Akko asked Chariot to be her teacher once more. Chariot begs Akko to reconsider since she has proven to be unworthy for harming her. Akko calms Chariot as she realized she could never be Shiny Chariot. Akko wanted to be like her including using the same abilities she did. But Chariot was Chariot and Akko was Akko and thus, Akko will be herself. Despite having her potential crippled, Akko decided she'll make use whatever she had.

Akko announced to Chariot that she'll work hard and continued to develop her abilities so that she could reach the goal of becoming a witch of her own caliber, the witch that would bring smiles to the world. Akko treasures magic and all her friends who gave up so much to let her experience its wonders, including Chariot. Hence, Akko asked Chariot once more to continue to be her teacher. Chariot was tearing up, filled with joy as she realized that she didn't fail her beloved student. As if wanting to be assured that this wasn't an illusion, Chariot asked if Akko was fine with her. Akko's answer was to wrap Chariot in a warm embrace, explaining that she wouldn't want anybody else but her. Extremely moved, Chariot returned the sentiment. Akko proclaimed her love of her idol and teacher, expressing her gratitude for being with her throughout her journey. Chariot smiles warm as she responded to Akko that having her as a student has allowed her dream to come true. Their bond was restored with everyone around very proud of the sight. Diana would later noticed the rod.

Chariot noticed it too and saw that the seventh word has been fulfilled. With all seven words, Akko used the Shiny Rod to summon the Grand Triskellion. Despite its appearance, Lotte told Akko to use it anyway. Reciting Phasansheer Shearylla, Akko combined the two items allowing the Shiny Rod to reveal its true form. The Shiny Rod altered the landscape of the Arcturus Forest from the barren land to a lush green world. With that, Akko fulfilled the quest that Chariot had started. Akko celebrated with all of her friends and teacher praising her achievement. Unbeknownst to them, a missile has been activated.

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  • This is the second and final episode in the series that doesn't start in a cold open, as the title theme plays immediately.
  • The way Ursula utilizes her wand during her fight Croix is similar to how Jedi from Star Wars use their light sabers during a duel.
  • This episode takes place at the start of February, along with "Yesterday" and most of "Tree of Leaves", as stated in the chronicles book.[2]


  • Despite wearing her cape even when she was pinned down by her Noir Rod, Croix later appears in the rest of the episode and in "Tree of Leaves" without her cape even though she didn't remove it at all during the assault.


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