The Road to Arcturus (アルクトゥルスへの道 Arukutourusu e no michi?) is the 24th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.


Ursula confronts Croix, but fails to prevent her carrying out her plan. Akko, Diana and their friends are swept into the Arcturus Forest.


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Chariot confronts Croix, but fails to stop the Noir Rod as the anger generated from rioting mobs in the town activates it. As the Noir Rod activates, it shuts down all of the magical Leylines. Akko and her friends, who were using the leyline to return to Luna Nova, are pulled out and fall into Arcturus Forest. Croix teleports the Noir Rod to Arcturus Chariot in pursuit. Meanwhile, the riots all over England intensify to the point where there are rumors spreading of a possible coup d'état. The Earl of Hanbridge decides that he can use the threat of a coup to suppress his opponents and justify a harsher response to the riots, much to Andrew's shock. Back in Arcturus, Croix uses the Noir Rod to break the seal protecting Grand Triskellion, only to find a simple twig that can only cast the simplest of magic. Woodward appears and tells Croix that the stick is indeed the grand triskellion. At that moment, the deteriorating emotional state of England overloads the Noir Rod with energy, causing it to go berserk and attack Croix. Chariot defends Croix, resulting her being devoured. Akko and her friends then arrive, and Akko uses the Shiny Rod to destroy the Noir Rod, rescuing Chariot in the process. Akko then makes amends with Chariot, telling her that she's perfectly happy with having her back as Professor Ursula and realizing that she has to follow her own path and how much her friends and Chariot have helped her find it. This emotional moment triggers the activation of the seventh and final Word. The twig then appears again, and Akko utters the seventh word which fuses the twig with the Shiny Rod to create the seventh form of the Claimh Solais. With the power of the Triskelion in her hands, Akko is able to transform Arcturus into a lush and vibrant forest. However, as Akko and her friends celebrate, it is revealed that the Noir Rod has not been destroyed, but some of the leftover technomagic attaches itself to a missile and has launched itself into space.

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  • This is the second and final episode in the series that doesn't start in a cold open, as the title theme plays immediately.
  • The way Ursula utilizes her wand during her fight Croix is similar to how jedis from Star Wars use their light sabers during a duel.
  • This episode takes place at the start of February, along with "Yesterday" and most of "Tree of Leaves", as stated in the chronicles book.[1]


  • Despite wearing her cape even when she was pinned down by her Noir Rod, Croix later appears in the rest of the episode and in "Tree of Leaves" without her cape even though she didn't remove it at all during the assault.


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