Thomas (トーマス Tōmasu?) is a character in Little Witch Academia, only introduced in The Enchanted Parade. He lives in Blytonbury, the neighboring town to Luna Nova Academy.


Thomas is a child of average height, with disheveled golden-blond hair and green eyes. He dresses a blue t-shirt, a puce jacket and gray pants.


He is a rude and hateful child who likes to annoy others. It maintains the current tendency to see witches down, considering them somewhat outdated and absurd. However, he seems to have changed his mind after saving his life during the parade, especially when witnessing Diana.


The Enchanted Parade

Thomas appears when Akko, Amanda, Constance and Jasminka were shopping at Blytonbury. He and his gang mock them for being witches, throwing them tomatoes and unleashing a fight between both groups in which the girls are in difficulties because of their limited reserves of magic outside the school.

During the parade, Thomas and his group steal the Shiny Rod that Akko and the others were using as a source of magic. However, by taking it near the Sealing Stones, Thomas causes its magic to awaken the Titan that was sealed there which immediately captures him. While Ursula creates an atmosphere of show, Akko manages to rescue Tomas of the claws of the Titan, being later saved of its fall by Diana and aid in the recovery of the Shiny Rod. After watching as Akko, Lotte and Sucy defeat the Titan, his gang have another friendly war against Akko and her friends.


Akko, Lotte and Sucy

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Amanda, Constanze and Jasminka

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Diana Cavendish

He meets Diana when she saves him from falling after being attacked by the Titan, impressing on her skills with her broom and developing a crush on her.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Tōko Aoyama
English Lucien Dodge
France Alexis Flamant
Italian Mosè Singh
Brazil Wirley Contaifer
Latin America Daniel Streeter


  • "Thomas" is a masculine given name. It is based on the Biblical Greek Θωμᾶς, which is itself a transcription of the Aramaic תאומא (Taumā "twin"), the Hebrew cognate being תאום (tə'ōm).[1]



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