A Titan (巨人 Kyojin?) is a gigantic monster which is known as the carrier of immense evil. A Titan was defeated years ago by the great witch Jennifer and sealed in the Sealing Stones of Blytonbury.


The Titan is a huge stone monster, approximately 15 meters high. It has a humanoid and muscular body with a small head with two long horns. It has several red marks on its body.

Powers and Abilities

The Titan possesses incredible powerful black magic that emanates from his whole being. It is able to release discharges of dark energy that attack those around and can make the Spirits become aggressive and dangerous. Demonstrates being able to control objects telekinetically and unite them to his body to form an armor. It also has a great resistance to magic, since it takes the combined power of the Shiny Ballista and lots of Spirits to contain it.

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