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Chariot back when she was a student at Luna Nova

Chariot du Nord was born in France and from a young age she felt a great passion for magic. She wanted to use it to make people happy, but her passion exceeded her experience, so she blundered doing so. Eventually she was admitted in Luna Nova Academy where she met Croix Meridies, who would become her best friend. Her frustrations led her to seek the magical power of the stars in the Fountain of Polaris. The Big Dipper Arch opened for her but it the fountain disappeared before her eyes, as she was not yet worthy of its power. However, Chariot did not give up and focused more on her magic studies, becoming one of the best witches of her time, winning the Luna Nova Cup and the title of Moonlit Witch.


Chariot and Croix at the Arcturus Forest

One day, Chariot and Croix went to the Arcturus Forest where the Grand Triskellion had been sealed. There, Chariot expressed her dream of using magic to bring joy to everyone, which led her to be chosen by the Shiny Rod as its new master. Woodward would guide her on the road to reviving the Seven Words of Arcturus, and managed to revive six of them. Croix, who initially resented not being chosen, decided to support Chariot in her search.


Chariot being told what Dream Fuel Spirit really does.

After her graduation from Luna Nova, Chariot continued to use her magic to give smiles to the people, hoping so to come to revive the seventh word. Eventually, she became a stage magician known as Shiny Chariot. At first her shows were wildly popular, but this in turn gave her a bad reputation in the magical world, since the most conservative witches considered that it gave a bad impression of magic by using it as a mere entertainment. With time, the public began to lose interest, demanding more amazing magic. Croix convinced her to use an experimental magic she had developed, Dream Fuel Spirit. With this magic Chariot gave a dazzling performance in a display of magic greater than had ever been seen. This show was wonderful and inspired the young Akko and Diana, giving them a great love for magic. But what Chariot did not know, was that the Dream Fuel Spirit turned people's dreaming power into magic, at the expense of the dormant (or in Diana's case, awakened) magical abilities they possessed. When Croix told her such after the show, she decided not to use the magic again, which in turn caused her and Croix to separate.

Chariot decided to go ahead with her magic shows, however, her popularity declined. The public still expected new magic, and their expectations had increased due to her performances with Dream Fuel Spirit. During what would be her last performance, her audience's pressure on her to show new magic led to her summoning an incredibly powerful Shiny Arc, which she fired, scarring the surface of the moon. Her audience was completely drained by this magic and fell unconscious, losing memory of the event. After this, the Shiny Rod withered away in her hands, once again disappearing from the world. In shame at her actions that had lost her the approval of the Shiny Rod, she abandoned her career and disappeared. The only one who knew what happened to Chariot was Croix.

Chariot assumed the name of Ursula Callistis and for ten years she remained hidden, later becoming the astronomy teacher at Luna Nova Academy.

Little Witch Academia

Ursula is an unassuming teacher who hides her identity from students and staff. She supervises the dungeon examination and observes Akko and her friends fighting an escaped dragon with the Shiny Rod while herding the other students to safety. She discreetly supports Akko by throwing a large rubble at the dragon and projecting her phrase as Shiny Chariot to give her confidence.

The Enchanted Parade

She continues her role as an unassuming teacher, showing Akko and her friends their parade assignment. Later, she uses her experience as a former performer to calm the panicked crowd with a magic megaphone and instructs Akko and her friends to use a nullification spell on the awakened Titan.

TV Series

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