Woodward (ウッドワード Uddowādo?) was one of the Nine Olde Witches who founded Luna Nova Magical Academy, as well as the mentor of Shiny Chariot. Her spirit resides in the Arcturus Forest, a sacred forest that young witches aren't able to enter, and the Blue Moon Abyss as well, which is a secret location only accessible during the night of a blue moon.


In its true form, Woodward's spirit is a beautiful woman with pale skin and long grayish-green hair. She wears a green dress adorned with plants and long sleeves along with a wide skirt next to a tiara composed of leaves and flowers. The tiara has two grill-horns on the top part.

In her appearance before Akko, she takes the form of a huge, monstrous creature composed of branches, with a feminine face similar to her actual face.


Woodward is known for her great wisdom. It is rumored that she knows all things of the past, present, and future. In reality, she is not omniscient and there are questions she does not have answers for, but they cannot be answered by anyone else. When she first appears to Akko, Woodward tries to force her into giving up her ambitions and past. In actuality, she was testing Akko in order to see if she is worthy enough to wield the Shiny Rod.



While most of her history remains unknown, Woodward was originally one of the Nine Olde Witches and helped seal away the Grand Triskellion. She was also the original owner of the Shiny Rod before she eventually passed away. Her spirit resides at the Blue Moon Abyss and the Arcturus Forest. In the past, Chariot and Croix entered the Arcturus Forest in hopes of Croix getting the Shiny Rod but instead, Chariot ended up getting the rod. Woodward's spirit then tasked Chariot to search for the Seven Words and release the Grand Triskellion. After several years, Chariot failed to open the Grand Triskellion and after damaging the moon's surface with the Shiny Arc, she lost possession of the Shiny Rod, and it returned back to the Arcturus Forest.

TV Series

Blue Moon

Woodward makes her debut as the blue moon spirit, who is said to be omnipresent and resides in the Blue Moon Abyss, an area only accessible during the night of a blue moon. After Akko makes it to the bottom of the abyss, Woodward, disguised as a monstrous spirit, appears before Akko. Woodward asks what she wants, and Akko questions if she can ever become like Chariot. Woodward's disguise states that it is not happening, yet she can give Akko the bright future, at the cost of all her past memories and friends. Akko, however, isn't willing to forget all her past memories and friends in change for being exactly like Chariot. Woodward's disguise commands Akko to leave, telling her that she will never be like Chariot. Akko, accepting the fact that she can't be Chariot but still can be a great witch, revives the second lost word and transforms the Shiny Rod into an axe, and uses it to damage Woodward's disguise, which reveals her actual spirit. Akko passes out on the ground before Ursula, who is revealed to be Chariot, comes in and greets her mentor. Woodward and Chariot have a discussion about how Akko passed her trial and revived the second lost word. Before disappearing, Woodward states that Chariot must guide Akko to unseal the Grand Triskellion.

What You Will

She controls the magical mirror that transforms Akko's appearance to that of Diana's, and then briefly appears inside the mirror, as three leaves representing the first three Words of Arcturus flutter at the bottom of the mirror's base.

Pohjola's Trial

She appears in this episode during a flashback in Arcturus Forest, talking to Chariot and Croix about the seven lost words and how to revive them.


In a flashback, Woodward appears before a young Chariot and Croix. Woodward chooses to give the Shiny Rod to Chariot, much to Croix's disdain, which leads her to scream at Woodward. Woodward ignores Croix, commands Chariot to search and revive the seven lost words, and then disappears.

The Road to Arcturus

After Croix unseals the Grand Triskellion, Woodward appears before her. Believing that the stick was not the Grand Triskellion, Croix demands to know where the actual Grand Triskellion is. Woodward reveals that the stick is, in fact, the Grand Triskellion, but Croix believes otherwise and shouts at Woodward, confronting her that if she is just going to keep looking right through her. Croix throws the Grand Triskellion at her and asks her to go away. Woodward listens to Croix and fades away.

Tree of Leaves

Woodward starts broadcasting Akko and Diana flying to save the world, tempting everyone to lend their Fuel Spirit and assist the two. She appears again after Akko and Diana release the Grand Triskellion, happily watching as the world-changing magic spread throughout the world.


Ursula Callistis

Woodward is the mentor of Ursula, whom she knows as Chariot. Ursula admires and respects Woodward as her professor. She taught her that people don't get what they want but what they had put effort through their experiences, a teaching that Ursula would later pass to Akko. Woodward also taught Ursula the second Word of Arcturus, Phaidoari Afairynghor. Before disappearing again, she entrusted Ursula to make sure that Akko will fully wake up the rest of the Seven Words of Arcturus in order to break the seal of the Grand Triskellion.

Croix Meridies

In the past, Croix was eager to obtain the Shiny Rod and release the Grand Triskellion in hopes of becoming the world's greatest witch. When Croix and Chariot arrived at the Arcturus Forest to finally get the Shiny Rod, Woodward only gave the rod to Chariot and tasked her to find the Seven Words after hearing Chariot's dream. This lead to Croix becoming a very bitter person towards both Woodward and Chariot to the point where Croix believes that Woodward made a mistake in choosing Chariot as the wielder of the rod.

Abilities and Equipment

Being one of the Nine Olde Witches, Woodward is an extremely powerful witch, being able to use magic without the help of Sorcerer's Stones. She is greatly proficient in magical phytokinesis, and is able to broadcast scenes into devices. Before her death, Woodward wielded the Shiny Rod.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Mitsuko Horie
English Tara Jayne Sands[1]
Polish Izabella Bukowska-Chądzyńska


  • The moonlit witch's hat resembles her "antlers".
  • Mitsuko Horie, Woodward's Japanese voice actress, was in Sailor Moon, where she voiced Sailor Galaxia. She is also notable for being a singer of many anime opening themes such as Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, Ninja Captor and Sailor Moon Crystal.


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