Yesterday is the 23rd episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.


Akko disappears after she learns the truth, and her friends are worried. Ursula recalls her past with Croix before Diana confronts her.


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In a flashback, the story of Chariot's rise to a witch performer is revealed, with the aim of finding and unlocking the final Word of the Grand Triskelion by using her magic to bring happiness to the people. However, when her magic failed to maintain the audience's interest, Croix - jealous of her gaining the Shiny Rod instead of her - tricked her into using her newly developed Dream Fuel Spirit magic at the show Akko visited, heedless of the consequences to the spectators, which eventually drove Chariot into retirement and sundered their friendship forever. In the present, Diana is asked for help by Lotte and Sucy, as Akko has not returned from the city. When Diana seeks out Ursula and reveals that she has found out her true identity, Chariot confesses about what happened, but burdened by her guilt finds herself reluctant to get involved with Akko anymore. Searching along with Akko's friends, Diana finally finds her totally desolate, and reveals that she too has admired Chariot and was also present at that fateful show. While she lost her magical abilities that time, but eventually regained them with determination, hard work, and her belief in Chariot, Diana admits that she and Akko are kindred spirits and Akko has the talent to actually live up to Chariot's ideals; and with that revelation and the support of her friends, Akko's spirits are rekindled. In the meantime, Chariot decides to confront and stop Croix, who is about to initiate the final stage of her sinister plan.

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