Yesterday is the 23rd episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.


Akko disappears after she learns the truth, and her friends are worried. Ursula recalls her past with Croix before Diana confronts her.


Diana was informed by Lotte and Sucy that they haven't found Akko ever since town. Understood their worry, Diana accepted in helping them find Akko.

Long ago, a young girl named Chariot fell in love with magic and ever since then, decided to make the world and its people happy. However when she was older, she went to Luna Nova but her continuous failures and poor academic performances saddened her immensely. Her only friend was Croix who supported her to never give up and inspired the word, "A Believing Heart is Magic".

That changed when Chariot took mantle of the Shiny Rod. Chariot continued to unlock the words but stopped at the sixth with her relationship with Croix deteriorating. A talent agent discovered Chariot and asked her to become an idol. Thus, Shiny Chariot was born. Chariot's fame went to new height but overtime, more people begun to lose interest with magic and the pressure to satisfy them all overwhelmed her which is where she meet Croix again who had a new spell that would impress the audience, Dream Fuel Spirit.

Using the power, Chariot was able to access magic she didn't even knew. After a successful show, Chariot thanked her friend for her help. Unfortunately, Chariot discovered that Croix has used her and didn't inform her of the side affects. Whenever that spell was used, magic around would be taken. Chariot, horrified asked what happened to the people. Croix answered that they would lose certain abilities but justified that all of them would never learn magic since there won't be any witch who would affiliate with the idol that tarnished the name of Witches. Chariot wondered why her friend did this. Croix yelled in anger and blamed everything on Chariot who she believed has forsaken her duty to revive magic and used it to make parlor tricks. Croix begged why she wasn't chosen with Chariot only answering that she don't know as well as her dream was to make people happy with her magic which is the only thing that she believed would unlock the last word. Fed up, Croix abandoned Chariot.

Chariot forbade herself from using the Dream Fuel Spirit but her diminished popularity resurfaced. The audience begun to pressure Chariot to make more impressive magic while Croix watched this from afar. Chariot fearing loss used the Shiny Arc, but this one was bigger and more powerful that it shot the moon, leaving it a star shaped scar. Croix was amazed at the power before erasing everyone's memories. Having used the power of the Seven Stars for a selfish desire, the Shiny Rod deemed Chariot unworthy and disappeared leaving Chariot to realize the mistake that she just did.

At present time, Chariot as Ursula has returned to her room. Having lost Akko, Ursula has spent sadly staring at the moon she scarred long ago. It wasn't long as Diana visited her. She informed Ursula that Akko has disappeared causing more guilt to her conscience and could only apologized for her role in it. Knowing something amiss, Diana revealed to Ursula that she is aware of the latter being Chariot Du Nord, the missing Shiny Chariot. Ursula confirmed it. After Diana shows desire to help in searching for the missing girl, Chariot complied and revealed everything.

Learning about the Dream Fuel Spirit and Akko discovering what it did to her, Diana was in complete loss for a while before resuming to inquire why Ursula hadn't went after her, couldn't believe that the former idol had left her own student alone. Diana demanded Ursula to speak up. Ursula, ashamed weakly replied that she was useless to Akko. An enraged Diana got up from her seat and tore through to her that this was the time Akko needed her more than ever. Ursula couldn't as she had something else to do. Disgusted at Ursula's actions, Diana left the professor to her fate and declaring she'll rescue Akko. Before she exit the room, she admonish Chariot for becoming a disappointment today than in the past. With the doors closed, Ursula stood and took her glasses as she pleads to Diana to look after Akko in her place.

Diana headed to Akko's dorm room and found the friends Akko has made were there. Diana explained to everyone about Akko's condition. While Amanda believed that Akko might want to leave Luna Nova, Lotte called her out, refusing to believe Akko would do that and Amanda taking back what she just said. Together, Diana rallied them to find the missing girl but to no avail as every place they went to was a dead end.

Sucy and Lotte returned to the bridge where Sucy first met Akko. Lotte merely despaired the thought of Akko leaving, having never considered that possibility. Sucy went to Lotte and comforted her that Akko is stronger than to be believed and confident that Akko will find a way back to them. Meanwhile, Diana searched frantically till she found Akko in the cold.

Taking Akko to the shop to warm her up, Diana asked her if she was okay which met with a lack of response from a lifeless Akko. Seeing the situation, Diana revealed something to Akko. Akko's eyes finally moved as she saw the premium card that she had long desired but the question was how did Diana came to possess it. Diana explains she had the card ever since she was small and after that, Diana unveils to Akko that like her, she was a fan of Shiny Chariot. Akko couldn't believe it but Diana didn't deny it.

Wanting to go one of her shows, Diana's mother, Bernadette allowed a trip to Japan so that her daughter could see it. The show was the greatest Diana had ever seen and the performance Chariot provided filled her with an array of emotions. Ever since then, Diana became a fan of Chariot and collected the premium card. Soon however, Diana suffered the ailment where she is unable to use magic. It was then the two rivals expressed sympathies towards one another for being victims of an unfortunate accident. Diana express confidence that Akko will recover from this as she is living proof that the magic is still there within her. Akko wasn't surprised as she believed Diana worked hard to get back her magic since she never let childish dreams get in her way unlike herself. However, Diana asks Akko why she wanted to get her magic back.

Akko answers it was to live up to her family legacy. While indeed some small part of it was true, Diana admits that alone would have taken a toll on her. The truth was actually the passion that Chariot inspired her that allowed her to regain it. Overtime though, Diana locked her childhood away so that she could prioritized on her family but that didn't stop her in going to the school that Chariot went.

Akko was continued to be surprised and Diana understood why she wanted to leave Luna Nova. Diana couldn't handle the truth that Akko was closer to Shiny Chariot than she could ever be and that despite the lack in her studies and her reckless nature, Akko was able to create incredible magic that even Diana couldn't able to achieve in that short span of time. That magic Akko had filled her with life much like Chariot did. With her story completed, Diana entrusted her childhood treasure to Akko. Reading the words that Chariot used, Akko looked to Diana who placed her blessings to her friend, expressed that she believed in Akko's believing heart and her magic will surpass everyone in the magical world. It was there that life returned to a humbled and touched Akko.

The two heard the door opened and saw Lotte. Lotte immediately hugged Akko and begged her to don't leave Luna Nova. Akko answered Lotte that she wasn't going anywhere. Sucy appeared and bestowed the Shiny Rod that Akko cherished. Akko could only tear up and expressed her gratitude to her friends' support. With Amanda and the others arriving, the owner free of charge offered them drinks.

Back at Luna Nova, Chariot confronted Croix who unveiled her greatest creation, the Noir Rod. However Chariot had other plans as she assumed her true identity. Chariot announced she will finish this once and for all.

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